Ohio Cop Pleads Guilty To Using Sex Toy On 2 Women At Traffic Stop

Kenneth Bolton [Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office]

CLEVELAND, OH — A former East Cleveland police officer has pleaded guilty to using a sex toy to abuse two women during an illegal traffic stop in February 2017.

Kenneth Bolton, Jr., 49, admitted to pulling over the two women, who were ages 22 and 23, without proper cause. Bolton then discovered a sex toy in their vehicle, which he has confessed to utilizing while sexually abusing the victims as they sat in the car.

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The East Cleveland Police Department fired Bolton two weeks after the incident took place. Bolton’s termination letter states that he admitted to violating “numerous misdemeanor and felony laws.

Bolton’s deal now involves him pleading guilty to felony gross sexual imposition and misdemeanor interfering with civil rights charges. In exchange for the plea, prosecutors dropped a count of kidnapping.

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Prior to the traffic stop, Bolton had served 16 years on the force. He has been stripped of his license to be a police officer and is required now to register as a sex offender.

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Main photo: Kenneth Bolton [Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office]

  • Earthlings

    Did he hold a gun on them? Good grief! You would never touch me unless you held a weapon on me! But still expect a fight!

    • JenBK

      Yeah…go ahead and fight a cop. We all know how well that’s going to end.

  • Martha Bartha

    Oh Dear! It was just a toy?

    • JenBK


    • Tonnie

      “Just a toy?” What does that even mean?

      • Martha Bartha

        Ain’t nothin like the real thing………………👿

  • lasheekahaaron

    They probably enjoyed it. And they both could of defended themselves when they knew what he gonna do. Wow

    • JenBK

      You’re retarded.

      • Tonnie

        She’s obviously never been in that situation (and I’m doubting she ever will be, just a hunch.)
        Seeing a comment like “They probably enjoyed it” makes me so sad. Women need to hold each other up and make one another strong, not say stupid BS like that.You are what’s wrong with the world right now. Let’s see, he’s a police officer with a gun and the power to do whatever he wants to; they are alone. So you’re suggesting they could’ve wrestled him to the ground, taken his gun, shot him, then hoped they’d be believed?
        “Wow” is right.

  • Fran

    I really hope these are trolling comments rather than genuine opinions. People sitting there saying it’s OK to be violent against women – it’s vile. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

  • NYSmike

    You just don’t hear stories like this one on Faux Noise.