Do You Recognize the “Bird Poop Bandits”? — LAPD Sniffs For Pickpocketing Pair

HOLLYWOOD, CA — The Los Angeles Police Department Hollywood Division is seeking the public’s help in tracking down a pair of perps deemed the “Bird Poop Bandits.”

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According to the police posting, the two thieves — one male, one female — have been approaching passersby to “warn” them that a bird has apparently relieved itself on the victim’s back.

Once the target is distracted, the thieves pretend to “help” while actually swooping in and pick the victim’s pockets.

Bird Poop Bandit suspects [LAPD Hollywood Division handout]

So far, the Bird Poop Bandits have nabbed one victim’s wallet from his pants and a camera taking from another victim’s backpack.

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Bird Poop Bandit #1 is described as a 5-foot-6-inch man with black hair and brown eyes, weighing approximately 180 pounds. He appears to be 35 to 40 years old.

Bird Poop Bandit #2 is said to be a 5-foot-5 woman with black hair, weighing in at about 130 pounds. She is also estimated to be between 35 and 40 years old.

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Anyone who recognizes the suspects in the released photos is asked to contact the LAPD Hollywood Division at 213-972-2939.

If you would like to submit an anonymous tip, you can call 800-222-TIPS or visit LAPDonline. Org

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Main image: Bird Poop Bandit suspects [LAPD Hollywood Division]



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