Rihanna, Bieber … Charles Manson? Radio Station’s “Tasteless” Billboard Shocker

WFMU Billboard/Kickstarter video [screenshot]

NEWARK, NJ — As of this morning, more than 75,000 vehicles on New Jersey’s Route 280 had driven by a massive image of homicidal hippie cult leader Charles Manson. Another 75,000 are slated to drive by it today.

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Touting radio station WFMU, the roadside ad showcases the images of pop stars Rihanna and Justin Bieber alongside Manson.

At first glance, the billboard looks like any of the countless other radio-station promos that dot thoroughfares around America. The last inclusion, naturally, has induced an innumerable amount of double takes.

WFMU is a listener-supported, independent station known for its puckish spirit. That’s evident in station manager Ken Freedman’s online video unveiling the massive advertisement wherein he cheekily declares:

“This confusing and tasteless billboard was made possible by the pledges and support of Kickstarter pledgers like you! You are responsible for this monstrosity!”

The Manson version was just one of a number of concepts WFMU collaborated on with its listeners during a Kickstarter project to fund “WFMU’s first and last billboard.”

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Other possibilities appear below.

WFMU / Kickstarter [promotional images]

So far, little public outcry has arisen over WFMU visually foisting Charlie on commuters. Still, the station encourages anyone who’d like to see that billboard taken down to donate to the campaign to get it replaced.

The next idea is a parody of dodgy attorney ads that blares forth the words: “Assault, DUI, Tax Evasion, Polka.”

WFMU / Kickstarter [promotional image]

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Main photo: WFMU Billboard/Kickstarter video [screenshot]


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