Teen Kills Mom When She Says He Can’t Keep Puppy: Police

WHEATFIELD TOWNSHIP, MI — Nineteen-year-old Andrew David Willson has been charged with fatally shooting his mother, Lisa Marie Willson, 51, as she lay sleeping.

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Hours earlier, according to police documents, Lisa told her son that he could not keep a puppy in the home they shared and that Andrew should instead take the dog to his father’s residence.

Authorities now allege that Andrew responded by subsequently into his mom’s bedroom and pumped a single bullet from a .22-caliber Magnum rifle into the back of her head.

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The following morning, Andrew called 911 to claim that he had just come home and discovered his mother murdered.

Andrew David Willson [Ingham County Sheriff’s Department]

Upon being brought in for questioning, Andrew reportedly broke down and confessed to the killing. He now faces charges of murder and felony firearm possession.

Andrew Willson has no previous criminal records or recorded run-ins with police. A preliminary hearing is set for September 28.

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Main image: Andrew David Willson [Ingham County Sheriff’s Department]

  • Martha Bartha

    Dog Gone It!

  • His mother was mommying him a little too much and saying “no” backfired and lead to him killing her. Some people don’t think before they act – human nature. But what was he thinking? His mother is now dead by his hands, she will never return. There must be something wrong with him, if he just killed her like that. Or maybe he snapped? And thought that he’d get his way if he killed her. Sorry to say, but it doesn’t work that way. He is 19 years of age too. He could have left home, or moved in with his father, if he really wanted a dog. Now there is no dog, and the mommying has finally come to an end. Poor woman… but that being said, she could have been mean… but I don’t know. He looks warped, did he have some kind of mental health issue? Because those kind of people don’t think, they just act. Maybe he was always like that? But that being said if you live under their roof… expect the unexpected. And now his older brother? Who looks very much like him, only a little bigger has no mother.