This Guy Can’t Keep It In His Pants — NYPD Hunting For Serial Masturbator Suspect

Robert Mannis [NYPD]

NEW YORK, NY — As if there aren’t enough other horrifying obstacles to encounter on the average New York City subway journey, police are on the hunt for a serial subway masturbator who was allegedly caught fondling himself on two separate occasions last week.

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Robert Mannis was inside the Herald Square subway station on October 2 when a 27-year-old woman witnessed him fondling himself on the platform at around 6:30 P.M., according to police.

The next day, the 61-year-old was on an E Train at about 9:30 when a 27-year-old woman allegedly spotted him masturbating while staring at her. She was able to snap a picture of Mannis with her cell phone before he left the Lexington Avenue/53 Street station.

Photo of Mannis taken by victim on the subway [NYPD]

Photo of Mannis taken by victim on the subway [NYPD]

Mannis has an extensive arrest history for similar incidents, and has reportedly served time for offenses including attempted robbery and burglary.

Authorities have asked for the public’s help in locating Mannis. Police describe him as standing five-foot-three and weighing about 200 pounds. He is bald and wears a black goatee, and was last seen wearing a black winter cap, a blue polo shirt, dark colored pants, and a black backpack.

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In March, Mannis was arrested and charged with public lewdness after police said he masturbated on the Dekalb Avenue platform in Brooklyn in February, and also allegedly exposed himself on subway stairs at West 32nd Street and Broadway.

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