How Lucky! Full Seasons Of Investigation Discovery Shows Streamable Now!

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Happy Friday the 13th! Even if everything else that happens to you today is bad luck, here’s some good luck for you. All of these Investigation Discovery shows are streamable right now, just by clicking. No need to even sign in or anything. So you’ve got your weekend sorted now, even if Friday was a disaster.

1. Full Seasons of Unusual Suspects

Sometimes the most obvious suspect is not the true perpetrator. This documentary series showcases those challenging cases that were anything but cut and dried. The identity of the real suspect will shock you!

2. Full Seasons of Blood Relatives

You think your family has problems? Every episode of this series investigates murder cases where all of the suspects are members of the family. Watch your back!

3. Full Seasons of Deadline: Crime With Tamron Hall

You know you love Tamron! The respected host and former news anchor takes you through episode after episode of news magazine–style investigations into riveting and heart-wrenching murder investigations.

4. Season 1 of Dead Silent

In this series, the woods, myths, urban legends, and horror-movie dread violently collide with real-life dark and twisted killers too frightening to be imaginary. Watch all of season 1 to prepare for the Tuesday, October 17 premiere of Season 2!

5. Full Seasons of Swamp Murders

Swamps, bogs, marshes, bayous, and riverbeds can be murky, dark, crazy places, but when a body pops up, things get downright mysterious. Head down south with Swamp Murders!

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