Man With Regrettable Face Tattoo Arrested For Sexual Assault

Christopher Wilson [Hamilton County Sheriff's Office]

CINCINNATI, OH — An Ohio man with a lewd face tattoo has been arrested in connection with a sexual assault that took place two years ago.

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Christopher Wilson, 37, was arrested Saturday night and charged with sexual imposition and assault, according to an affidavit cited by Fox 19. Wilson was identified by the victim in a police lineup — which can’t have been too difficult, unless there are other cult leader–esque guys with similar forehead ink.

Wilson allegedly punched a woman and then kicked her to the ground in 2015. Court documents state that Wilson then began “groping the victim in her private parts.

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Wilson, who doesn’t seem to actually have a history of working in the adult film industry, is being held at the Hamilton County Justice Center in Cincinnati with a bond of $50,000. His attorney reportedly requested an evaluation to determine if Wilson is competent to stand trial.

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Main photo: Christopher Wilson [Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office]



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