Bloodsucking Freaks 2: Five More Modern Real-Life “Vampires”

Richard Chase [Sacramento Police Department]

For these five sanguine sickos, murdering was not enough — they also drank the blood of their victims. Fortunately, none of these plasma-jazzed killers has been able to turn into a bat and fly free from the grips of mortal justice … so far.

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In Texas on April 18, 1998, Pablo Lucio Vasquez, 20, went from drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana to cracking the skull open of 12-year-old David Cardenas and slitting the child’s throat.

Vasquez also attempted to decapitate Cardenas, but, failing that, he decided to lap up and drink the boy’s blood, acting, he claimed, on directions from “the devil.” In his confession, Vasquez told police:

“The blood was dripping and [I] got it all over my face. So, I don’t know, I mean something just told me drink.”

The state sentenced Vasquez to death in 1999. When his execution date arrived in 2016, Vasquez’s final statement was: “This is the only way I can be forgiven. You got your justice right here. See you on the other side.” [CrimeFeed]

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Explaining afterward that he was a vampire and simply needed to drink her blood, in April 1980, James P. Riva II fatally assaulted Carmen Lopez, his 74-year-old, wheelchair-bound grandmother in Marshfield, Massachusetts.

Riva stabbed Lopez in the heart and shot her with gold-painted bullets. He attempted to lap up her blood from the gunfire wounds, but complained:

“She was old and dried up, and I kept telling the voices all day I couldn’t do it.”

The deranged grandson then lit Riva’s corpse ablaze before burning her house to ashes. The murder was the last of a long line of Riva’s vampiric crimes; he had previously killed a cat to drink its blood and beat a horse’s head to draw blood into a syringe.

On trial, Riva entered an insanity plea. His mother testified that Riva claimed to be in contact with Satan and a cabal of 200-year-old vampires. It didn’t work. The jury found Riva guilty of second-degree murder. He has since been committed Bridgewater State Hospital. [CrimeFeed]

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Over the course of just one month in 1977, 27-year-old Richard Chase (main photos, above) stalked and murdered six people in the area of Sacramento, California. He also raped their corpses, removed their organs, ate their flesh, and drank their blood.

Chase’s troubles began with an abusive childhood that prompted him to abuse animals and start fires. He experienced paranoid delusions early on, and exacerbated that condition as teen by regularly taking LSD.

In 1975, Chase got caught injecting rabbit’s blood into his veins. He was temporarily committed to a hospital, where staff members nicknamed him “Dracula.” Chase went on, distressingly, to take that moniker to heart.

On December 29, 1977, Chase shot Teresa Wallin, who was pregnant, and cut out her entrails. He had sex with her corpse and stuffed dog feces into her mouth. Less than a month later, he killed Even Miroth, 38; her six-year-old son Jason; and her one-year-old nephew.

Fortunately, Chase left handprints and footprints behind at that last crime scene. When police got to Chase’s apartment, they found bones and body parts from other murders, as well as a calendar marked with 44 future dates on which he intended to kill.

The day after Christmas in 1980, Chase committed suicide in his prison cell.

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Joshua Rudiger [California Department of Corrections]


Something snapped inside Joshua Rudiger in 1998. The 22-year-old Oakland native proclaimed himself to be “a 2,000-year-old” vampire and ran rampant through the streets of San Francisco, slashing the throats of homeless people as they slept.

In total, Rudiger seriously injured three men, and killed one woman, who died after Rudiger sucked blood from her gushing neck wound.

Upon being apprehended, Rudiger explained that he needed to drink blood. When asked why he targeted the homeless, he replied, “Prey is prey.” He also complained that he was being punished for crimes he committed in a previous life.

Rudiger had battled mental illness for most of his life, and was previously committed after claiming to be both a vampire and a ninja warrior. A year prior to the slashings, Rudiger shot a friend with a bow and arrow (the friend lived).

At present, Rudiger is serving a sentence of 23-years-to-life. [Vampire Underworld]

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In the early hours of March 5, 1986, 17-year-old Sean Richard Sellers of Oklahoma City fatally shot his sleeping stepfather, Lee Bellofatto. When Vonda Bellafotto, Sean’s mother, awoke, the teen killed her as well, with a blast to the face.

Not long earlier, Sellers’ high school classmates had voted him “Most Likely to Turn Into a Vampire.” The kid who reportedly brought “vials of blood” to school and drank them in the lunchroom loved it. He was also rarely seen without his Satanic Bible, and used his own blood to write letters to devil.

After getting arrested for killing his mom and stepdad, Sellers admitted to also murdering a convenience store clerk the previous year after the worker wouldn’t sell him beer.

While on trial, Sellers explained he was a practicing Satanist and that a demon named Ezurate had taken control of his body prior to the slayings. The jury sentenced him to death.

In prison, Sellers very publicly converted to Christianity. He was executed by lethal injection on February 24, 1999. He was 29, and remains the only person executed in America for a crime he committed while under the age of 18. [People]

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Main photos: Richard Chase [Sacramento Police Department]



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