Jodi Arias Sues Former Defense Attorney Over Juicy Tell-All Book

Jodi Arias [Arizona Dept. of Corrections]

Jodi Arias is suing her former defense attorney, claiming that he broke their attorney-client privilege by writing a book about her sensational murder case.

L. Kirk Nurmi surrendered his license to practice law in November after a complaint filed by an attorney on his former client’s behalf. Nurmi, who defended Arias during her two criminal trials, agreed to be disbarred rather than face disciplinary proceedings for writing a book about the case before Arias completed appeal of her conviction and life sentence.

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Arias alleges that Nurmi disclosed “confidential and privileged information” in his November 2015 book for the “expressed purpose of financial gain and his own public ‘redemption,’” according to the lawsuit obtained by the Arizona Republic.

Since his representation of Plaintiff ended, Nurmi has made numerous public statements about his client via traditional media (including on televisions, radio, in print, etc.) as well as via the internet and on social media for the purpose of marketing the book and increasing sales,” the lawsuit reads.

Nurmi published the book, Trapped with Ms. Arias: Part 1 of 3, From Getting the File to Being Ready for Trial, to “redeem his public image as a lawyer, which he claims was tarnished by his representation of Plaintiff,” according to the lawsuit.

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However the lawsuit reads:

In the course of his quest to ‘redeem’ himself with the public, Nurmi discloses confidential information about his client, including privileged communications, his mental impressions of the case and other work product privileged information.”

Arias’ lawsuit also alleged that Nurmi had a “disturbing, sexual fascination with the case and with Plaintiff.”

Nurmi said that he intends to defend the lawsuit, and wrote that the suit “is best viewed as a continuation of Ms. Arias’ pattern of attacking men whom she feels have wronged her.”

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Arias was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the brutal murder of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander in 2008.

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