Mirella Ponce: Female Gang Banger’s “Hot” Mug Shot Goes Viral

Mirella Ponce [Fresno Police Department]

FRESNO, CA — Mirella Ponce, 20, is an openly bisexual single mom with tattoos reading “Love Is Pain” and “Pain Is Pleasure” (among many others) adorning her neck.

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Police in Fresno picked up Ponce for driving with two loaded, illegal guns in her car and identified her as a member of the notorious Asian-American criminal organization the Tiny Rascal Gang.

Now Ponce’s mug shot has ignited a social-media mania that’s celebrating her as the latest “hot felon.”

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Under the original online posting of Ponce’s booking photo on the Fresno PD’s Facebook page, the most liked comment is, “The only crime she committed is stealing my heart.”

Aye What That Shit Do (;

A post shared by Mirella (@daddiemimi_yabisshhh) on

Ponce is being held on charges of possessing a stolen gun and concealing a firearm. Her baby was also in the car at the time, as were two other gang members, one of whom was wanted for another felony.

Ponce’s bail is set at $100,000 and a vast array of online commenters claim they’re willing to pay it.

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The mug shot has been shared more than 5,000 times — so far — and photos from Ponce’s Instagram account, like the one above, are flooding social media.

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Main photo: Mirella Ponce [Fresno Police Department]


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