Caylee’s Ghost? Casey Anthony’s Father Says He’s “Seen” Dead 2-Year-Old In His House

Cindy Anthony, George Anthony/"Crime Watch Daily" promotional video [screenshot]

ORANGE COUNTY, FL — George Anthony, the father of the notorious Casey Anthony, claims that his two-year-old granddaughter Caylee, who died in 2008, has visited him in the flesh during the years since then.

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Cindy Anthony, George’s wife who is seated next to him during an interview, affirms that she believes her husband.

On the show, George states point-blank:

“I’ve seen Caylee on a couple of occasions … I’ve seen her in the flesh in my house. One time she woke me up in the morning just tapping on me with her little finger like she used to do. ‘JoJo wake up.’”

JoJo was Caylee’s nickname for her grandfather.

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George is asked if he thinks Caylee was an apparition or perhaps just part of a dream. George says no, it was his granddaughter physically present in the Anthony’s home, stating:

“It wasn’t a dream. It was like you and I are talking right now…. The strong spirit that was in our house. That’s not an imagination. That’s love, and that’s a connection that I wish more people could have.”

Caylee Hansen went missing in 2008 and, several months later, turned up dead. Casey Anthony, then 19, was charged with murdering her daughter. After a hugely controversial trial, a jury acquitted Casey of the killing.

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George and Cindy Anthony also say they believe Casey is “mentally ill” and state they’ll sue her if she attempts to sell her story or, as has been rumored, appears on a reality TV show with O.J. Simpson.

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Main photo: Cindy Anthony, George Anthony/”Crime Watch Daily” promotional video [screenshot]

  • Crystal Holovacs

    You wrote Caylee HANSON went missing. You mean Caylee ANTHONY. Just thought you might want to correct that. 🙂

    • Becky Shelton Young

      That is what I just asked about. I was puzzled because I’d never seen that name before in her story.

    • piecebypeace

      I’m not exactly sure, but I think Casey has always been referred as Casey Anthony because that’s her family name. Obviously the name Hansen refers to the father of Caylee, hence the different last name…and if they never married Casey goes by her given name.

      • Randy Krolin Tauber

        the father of Caylee is not known

  • Kim Fuselier

    I feel so sorry for George Anthony as he is and will always grieve over the loss of his granddaughter. He also most likely grieves over his daughter Casey feeling as if he’s lost her as well a long time ago when she obviously lost her mind when she either accidentally or intentionally killed her own daughter. Life will never be the same for him. As for Casey’s mother…. My sympathy doesn’t run as deep for obvious reasons.

  • Valerie Osorio

    She is going to haunt them until she gets justice. Poor baby girl

    • Somehow I don’t think it’s her haunting them… err… maybe something taking on her form? I wonder what they’ve been getting up to? A little bit of the dark arts maybe? Contacting and letting _ _ _ _ _ _ into their home?

  • Kat

    I always got the vibe Dad knows a bit more than he let on.

    • josette63

      i don’t

    • Randy Krolin Tauber

      yes. he knows his daughter killed his granddaughter

      • Dee Swain

        Yeah I bet he does.

  • Becky Shelton Young

    Why did they call her Hansen? I’ve never seen that before and I watched her story from way back.

  • Amanda Lines

    Nobody knows who the father was