9-Year-Old Florida Girl Dies After 325-Lb Cousin Sits On Her — As Punishment

Veronica Green Posey [Escambia County Sheriff's Office]

PENSACOLA, FL — To punish nine-year-old Dericka Lindsay for supposedly “being out of control,” her 325-pound cousin Veronica Green Posey sat on the child.

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For 10 minutes, Posey remained atop Dericka. Even after the child screamed to her nearby parents that she could not breathe, the 64-year-old woman continued to sit on the girl for another two minutes.

After Posey finally relented, Dericka was unresponsive. Posey called 911 and attempted CPR. It didn’t work. Doctors at Baptist Hospital, where the Dericka was rushed, pronounced the girl dead.

Police arrested Posey and charged her with homicide and cruelty to a child.

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Officers also arrested Dericka’s mother and father, Grace Jones Smith, 69, and James Edmund Smith, 62. They’re charged with child neglect.

Grace Jones Smith, Edmund Joseph Smith [Escambia County Jail]

The Florida Department of Children and Families called the death “appalling” and reported that agency had been called to deal with the family over a prior incident, stating:

“As the family has a prior interaction with the child welfare system, a thorough quality assurance review will be conducted to review all prior interactions this family has had with the child welfare system.”

Posey is free on $125,000 bond. Grace is free on $75,000 bond. James is still locked up, waiting to secure a $50,000 bond, after which he will also be free.

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Main photo: Veronica Green Posey [Escambia County Sheriff’s Office]

  • Travis Rashawn Ford

    Death penalty for both these monsters.

    • Queenmarie

      You mean all THREE

  • Fayreemary

    Her cousin nearly 55 years older, her mother 60 years older than her. The family has fertility beyond my comprehension. That poor baby girl. Parents calling their niece to come and discipline the child? What a life she had in those short nine years. Wonder where the investigation of protective services will lead.

    • VenusDoom3

      I had the same thought. I sincerely hope she was adopted.

  • Tina

    I couldn’t tell which one was the mother or father, This poor child no more suffering. Some people should just never ever have children. It happens way too often ( Abuse) And death. I pray they rot.

    • Queenmarie

      I couldn’t tell either—gross !
      Poor little girl—not being able to breathe is the worst and makes you panic.

      • Yes, it’s horrible. And then your vital organs shut down. I can only imagine her last breath. I’ve heard cases where people have been crushed by things and died of that cause but never by sitting on top of someone.

        • Queenmarie

          I’ve never heard this reported happening but it definitely could happen–and obviously now has. You’d think the cruel thing would have gotten up before she killed the poor girl but she was probably too stupid to realize what was happening.

  • Dentoning

    This is fake.

    • Queenmarie

      Why do you say this is fake? This site doesn’t report fake stories.

  • Pam Dice

    Why do they always look like gorillas. And yet, gorilla’s behave so much better.

    • VenusDoom3

      Let me guess: you voted for Trump?

      • Pam Dice

        No, I have eyes to see. They look like gorillas… it’s a pretty standard observation.

        Now if it offends your delicate sensibilities … that’s understandable.

        But objective observation is, well, objective observation. It’s not the first or last time someone will declare that blacks look like gorillas. Absent white or asian blood, they do.

        • VenusDoom3

          No, no, please don’t let me stop you from sharing your innately racist feelings. Your president has made it socially acceptable, at least among the mouth-breathers.

  • Lol! – at the woman. SR already covered this story. The mom looks like an old Gary Coleman.