Bloodsucking Freaks: 5 Modern Real-Life Killer Vampires

Caius Veiovis [Berskhire District Attorney's Office]

They don’t all sport fangs and sleep in coffins — although some of them definitely do — but each of these present-era murderers emulated classic vampire archetypes in the deadliest of ways — by slaying victims and drinking their blood.

Fortunately, it didn’t take a modern Dr. Van Helsing to stop these Dracula wannabes, just some ace police work. Still, when you read the details, you may well end up wishing somebody went the stake-through-the-heart route anyway.


SPRINGFIELD, MA — With rows of horn implants bulging beneath his eyebrows and hairline, “666” tattooed in the middle of his forehead, and tusk-like jewelry protruding from his nostrils, native Caius Veivois went out of his way to look like a monster. Horribly, he also lived — and killed — like a monster.

Born Roy Gutfinski in 1980, the future self-proclaimed vampire and Satanist and his girlfriend attacked a teenager in 1999, slashing open the victim’s back and lapping up the blood that poured out. Veiovis did more than seven years for that crime.

Then in 2011, Vevois and two friends, Adam Lee Hall and David Chalue, abducted and murdered Hell’s Angel David Glasser, along with two other members of the motorcycle gang, Edward Frampton and Robert Chadwell. Glasser was set to testify against Hall in another case. The other two bikers just happened to be at Glasser’s apartment when the intruders showed up. After fatally shooting the victims, Vevois mutilated the bodies and buried them.

Upon being found guilty of triple murder, Vevois turned to the jurors and wailed, “I’ll see you all in hell! Every f—ing one of you! I’ll see you all in hell!” [Daily Mail]

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Ion Rîmaru mug shot []


BUCHAREST, ROMANIA — On October 23, 1973, Ion Rîmaru, 25, kicked and screamed en route to his demise. The “Vampire of Bucharest” had terrorized his nation’s capital with a spree of rapes and robberies that escalated to murder, blood drinking, cannibalism, sexual mutilation, and necrophilia.

Now Rîmaru would face the stake — not the handheld wooden variety used to dispatch vampires in fiction, but the very real wooden pole in Jilava Prison to which condemned prisoners were tied to face the firing squad.

Convicted of four murders, five attempted murders, five rapes, and a pile of lesser charges, Rîmaru struggled so fiercely, he ended up with his back to the line of rifles. His final words were: “Call my father, so he can see what’s happening to me! Make him come! He’s the only guilty one!”

The following year, Florea Rîmaru, the parent for whom Ion shrieked, technically “fell from a train” (many believe somebody pushed him). An autopsy provided forensic evidence that linked the bloodsucker’s dad to four unsolved 1944 murders. [Executed Today]

Killer Couple — Daniel and Manuela Ruda, Germany’s Satanic Vampire Lovers


PARIS, FRANCE — Although he’s still the main suspect in a string of murders targeting gay men in Paris, Nicolas Claux went to jail solely for the 1994 murder of Thierry Bisonnier and, even then, he served just over seven years.

At the time, Claux worked in a mortuary and confessed to cutting strips of flesh from bodies that came in and eating them. He also drank from blood bags pilfered from the job. Police found evidence of these sick practices all over Claux’s apartment, along with unidentified skeletal remains hung from the ceiling as “morbid mobiles,” jars packed with human ashes, scattered teeth, and hundreds of extreme horror and hardcore BDSM videotapes.

Remarkably, lack of evidence kept Claux from going down for more crimes. He’s suspected of seven slayings in October 1994 alone. Since being released in 2002, he has played up his “Vampire of Paris” status on social media and, like some other serial killers, made money by selling his paintings.

When asked by an interviewer to name his “likes,” Claux responded: “Autopsies, gothic graveyards, slasher movies, stench of opened coffins, human vertebrae, dismemberment, formaldehyde and plasma, watching some stupid bastard’s legs violently shake during his death spasms.” [CrimeFeed]

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MURRAY, KY — On November 25, 1996, Roderrick Justin “Rod” Ferrell wanted to confirm to the world that he was, in fact, “Vesago,” a 500-year-old undead bloodsucker.

Ferell was actually 16 at the time. Vesago was the character he created while playing the game Vampire: The Masquerade, as well as the moniker he used while lording over a gaggle of other teen goths called the “Vampire Clan.”

Turning this fantasy into tragedy, Ferrell and his disciple Howard Scott Anderson broke into the home of 49-year-old married couple Naomi Ruth Queen and Richard Wendorf. Aided by Anderson, Ferrell bludgeoned Queen and Wendorf to death with a crowbar. Ferrell also burned a “V” into Wendorf’s flesh — for “Vesago” — along with a series of dots for each member of the Vampire Clan.

Afterward, the Clan gathered, and two other members assisted Ferrell and Anderson in hightailing it out of town. They headed for New Orleans, specifically to hang out at a video arcade that Ferrell thought was particularly awesome. Cops busted them in Baton Rouge, after one of the female vampires had called her mom for money.

In February 1998, Ferrell pleaded guilty to the murders. For the next two years, he became the youngest person on Death Row, until his sentence got commuted to life in prison without the possibility of parole. If Ferrell really is Vesago the vampire, that could be a very long time (please note: He’s not actually Vesago the vampire). [CrimeFeed]

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NITEROI, BRAZIL — Apparently, a horrific childhood of poverty, neglect, and sex abuse in the Rio de Janeiro slums may have driven the adult Marcelo Costa De Andrade to, in turn, commit horrors against other children.

In 1991, the 24-year-old “Vampire of Niteroi” confessed to raping and murdering at least 14 boys between the ages of six and 13. Following each murder, De Andrade drank the victim’s blood “to become as beautiful as them.”

De Andrade’s spree lasted just nine months. It slowed only when the psycho “fell in love” with 10-year-old Altair De Breu. De Andre decided to let Altair live, so he instead raped and murdered the boy’s six-year-old brother, Ivan.

After agreeing to spend the night with De Andre in some roadside bushes, Altair waited until the killer fell asleep. The child then ran to the police. The next day, De Andre came clean about his vile transgressions. [CrimeFeed]

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Main photo: Caius Veiovis [Berskhire District Attorney’s Office]



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