Fecal Fiend: Arkansas Man Arrested After Allegedly Throwing Poop At Officer

Eugene Walden [Carroll County Sheriff's Office]

CARROLL COUNTY, AR — An Arkansas man has been arrested after being accused of throwing his feces at an officer during a bizarre incident.

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Eugene Walden, 44, was taken into custody on October 2, according to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office. While responding to a call involving a wreck along Highway 187, a deputy said Walden flagged him down near the Missionary Baptist Church.

As the officer stopped, Walden reportedly retrieved a broken painting from his car — and then allegedly threw the painting into the open passenger-side window of the patrol car. He then started yelling and stating that the fire department destroyed the painting when they made illegal entry into his father’s home.

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After the officer told Walden that he was not with the fire department and that he was on the way to an accident, Walden reportedly said, “There is no accident! I called you and told you there was an accident because it was the only way you’d come!”

Walden fled the scene, and the deputy pursued him. Finally, Walden stopped and, when the deputy chased him, Walden’s pants and underwear began to drop down.

Walden fought and kicked as the deputy tried to restrain him but, after a few minutes, he started crying and said that he needed to poop.

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The deputy then allowed him to relieve himself, after which he wiped himself with his underwear. After he finished, the deputy said that Walden picked up poop that was in the underwear he was holding and threw it at the officer’s face.

Walden then ran toward a barbed wire fence and jumped over it.

Minutes later, Walden was placed in handcuffs — but he continued to shout obscenities, and wedged himself between bars of a gate in order to try and avoid being taken into custody.

During the inspection of Walden’s vehicle officers reported finding around one gram of suspected marijuana tucked inside prescription bottle, as well as several bottles of prescription medication. Police also found a semi-automatic handgun inside a holster, though they noted that the weapon was nonfunctioning and unloaded.

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Walden faces a string of charges including aggravated assault on an officer, battery, communicating a false alarm, and refusal to submit to arrest.

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