Former CSI Charged With Murdering Private Investigator In Florida

PENSACOLA, FL — Police in Florida have revealed new details about the final moments of Taylor Wright, the private investigator whom they say was allegedly murdered by her friend Ashley McArthur, a former crime-scene technician.

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On September 8, 2017, the last day Wright was seen alive, McArthur admitted that the two spent much of the day together.

She said that they went to her home in Pensacola — and when she came out of the house, Wright was gone, according to the arrest report

Investigators obtained bank records for McArthur that revealed that on August 16, McArthur deposited a cashier’s check for $34,000 in Wright’s name into her account.

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Police say Wright, who had been going through a difficult divorce, trusted her friend to hold the money for Wright’s future legal costs. Although Wright attempted several times to get the money back, only to discover that it had already been spent.

Excerpt from McArthur arrest report

Excerpt from Ashley McArthur’s arrest report

Read Ashley McArthur’s full arrest report here.

On October 19, deputies found human remains in a “clandestine” grave covered with concrete — and a specific necklace belonging to Wright — during a search of McArthur’s property.

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McArthur has been charged with second-degree murder, and remains behind bars.

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Main photo: Taylor Wright (left) and Ashley McArthur (right) [WKRG (screenshot)]



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