Trick Or Treat? Streaming True Crime Shows To Get You In The Mood For Halloween

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Show about real-life crime and murder are always scary, of course. But these come with an extra frisson of vampires, devils, and other Halloween horrors to really make you look over your shoulder as we gear up for our favorite spooky holiday!

1. Dark Temptations, “Hollywood Bondage”

As a Florida teenager is caught up in a vampire cult, Dr. Stephen Diamond breaks down the history of vampires and blood suckers, and explains why they have been popular in cultures over the centuries. He says, “The idea of being a vampire gives them some permission to do bad things.”

2. True Nightmares, “My Beloved Smother”

Halloween horror! After trick-or-treating with his family on Halloween night, a boy is rushed to the hospital and dies of unknown causes.

3. I (Almost) Got Away With It, “GOT To Hit Homes on Halloween”

Desperate for their next high, Michael Kidd, Kevin Crandall, and Marcus Thompson join forces on Halloween night to break into upscale homes in search of cash. But the crime spree becomes a terrifying hostage situation when they commit a home invasion.

4. Dark Temptations, “No Leg to Stand On”

A victim’s heart is not only taken from the body, but eaten — all to “give the Devil his due.” This cult leader believes he is the Son of Satan, and he wants to please his father with a string of horrifying deeds.

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Main photo: ThinkStock



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