Cops Respond To Scream Of “Help Me” — & Find A Pet Parrot

Deputy Hayden Sanders with Diego the parrot [Clackamas County Sheriff's Office]

CLACKAMAS COUNTY, OR — Oregon deputies got a shock after they responded to a 911 call about a potential woman in distress — only to find that the victim crying out for help was actually a pet parrot.

The incident began when Lee Purdy, a UPS driver, heard what he believed to be a woman screaming “help me” from inside a residence, along with some squawking. Purdy did say that he thought the voice might have been a bird, but even so, the bird could be trying to communicate that someone was in trouble.

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“I was a little concerned at first that maybe … an older person had fallen and couldn’t get up, you know, was yelling for help and maybe the bird heard and started copying that,” Purdy explained.

Concerned that an elderly resident could potentially be in distress, he called his wife, who notified the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office.

But when deputy Hayden Sanders arrived, he found that the cries for help were being made by a parrot named Diego.

Sanders, who posted a selfie with the parrot on social media, said that he’s happy to report that the bird and all of the home’s residents were safe and sound.

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Diego’s owner Susan Baird later said that the bird is not fond of her daughter Emily, and will cry “help me” when he wants attention from her instead.

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Main photo: Deputy Hayden Sanders with Diego the parrot [Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office]



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