6 Little-Known Facts About Ted Bundy That Every Bundyphile Should Know

 Main photos: Wikimedia Commons

You think you know Ted Bundy? Think again. The man known as the “Angel Of Decay” and the “Co-Ed Killer” led an exceptionally dark life, never ceasing to confound the public. These little-known facts about the prolific serial killer will leave you perplexed, bewildered, and naturally, terrified.

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Ted Bundy with his maternal grandfather, Samuel Cowell Photo: Haunted Bundy

Ted Bundy with his maternal grandfather, Samuel Cowell [Haunted Bundy]

1) Bundy’s Father Was His Grandfather

Ted Bundy, born Theodore Robert Cowell, grew up living a lie. Ted’s mother, Louise Cowell, was single when she gave birth to him, and in the 1940’s, that was a serious no-no. Ted’s grandparents took their daughter in, telling young Ted that his grandparents were his parents, and his mother was his sister.

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As if that wasn’t messed up enough, Ted’s grandfather, Samuel Cowell, is rumored to be his biological father. Although it was never confirmed, if the rumor is true, that would make Ted Bundy the product of incest.

The infamous VW Beetle is now on display Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The infamous VW Beetle is now on display [Wikimedia Commons]

2) Bundy Kept An Especially Creepy Glove Compartment

When Ted Bundy’s longtime girlfriend Liz Kloepfer turned him in to the police, she told authorities about the bizarre items Ted kept in his car. Inside his infamous VW Beetle, Ted stored a lug wrench, crutches, an orient knife in a wood case, and a meat cleaver. Those were just a few of Ted’s “tools of the trade” and not surprisingly, his excuse that he needed them for protection was not fooling anyone.

3) Bundy Had A Lovechild In Jail

While on trial in Florida, Ted Bundy proposed marriage to Carole Ann Boone. And even more shocking: She accepted. The couple’s twisted love affair was one of many Bundy trial antics. In the end, he was unable to convince the jury of his innocence and was sentenced to Death Row.

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But while awaiting capital punishment, Bundy claimed to have impregnated Boone. Many question the validity of his claims, but it’s possible that there is a young female Bundy out there … scary!

Ted Bundy worked with detective Robert Keppel (left) to help understand the sick mind of Gary Ridgway (right) Photos: Investigation Discovery & Wikimedia Commons

Ted Bundy worked with detective Robert Keppel (left) to help understand the sick mind of Gary Ridgway (right) [Investigation Discovery; Wikimedia Commons]

4) Bundy Helped Take Down “The Green River Killer” 

It’s surprising to see the words “help” and “Bundy” in the same sentence. In a surprising move, Bundy contacted the detective that helped put him behind bars, Robert D. Keppel, while he was on Death Row. Keppel was working on the “Green River Killer” investigation, desperately seeking to stop the infamous killer. Bundy was able to help Keppel understand the inner workings of a serial killer’s mind, ultimately helping the detective identify Gary Ridgway and bring him to justice.

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Bundy's mugshot after his second escape Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Bundy’s mug shot after his second escape [Wikimedia Commons]

5) Bundy Escaped Police Custody Twice

Few people know that Bundy was able to escape police custody twice before his eventual capture in Florida. In his first escape, Bundy was allowed to roam around the court room library unattended (see: master manipulator). While roaming free, he jumped from a second story window and ran for it. For his second escape, Bundy got more crafty and many believe employed the help of his girlfriend, Carole Ann Boone. On Christmas Eve, the notorious killer escaped through his prison cell ceiling, exiting from a hole he had slowly been sawing for weeks. He then stole the chief jailor’s clothes and calmly walked out of the prison unnoticed. It’s heartbreaking to think that so many lives would have been saved if Bundy had been kept behind bars where he belonged.

Ann Rule worked with Bundy at a Suicide Hotline Photo: Amazon

Ann Rule worked with Bundy at a suicide hotline [Amazon]

6) Bundy Worked For A Suicide Hotline

In the early 1970s, Bundy worked for a suicide hotline in Seattle. His coworkers, including author Ann Rule, remember him as a skilled volunteer who helped ease troubled callers and saved lives. Talk about irony.

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Rule and Bundy became close, and his manipulation of her proved stellar. Rule doubted Bundy’s guilt, but did contact police when she recognized a police composite sketch that eerily resembled her fellow suicide hotline volunteer. Rule’s friendship with Bundy served as in the inspiration for her true crime classic, “The Stranger Beside Me”.

To learn more about Ted Bundy, watch the “Angel of Decay” episodes of Investigation Discovery’s Serial Thriller on ID GO now!

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 Main photos: Wikimedia Commons

  • Jan Lowell Schaeffer

    I first read Ann Rule’s amazing book years ago. The EXTREMELY OBVIOUS problem I have with the three episode series is,TED BUNDY WAS EXTREMELY GOOD LOOKING AND CHARISMATIC, THATS WHY WOMEN WERE DRAWN TO HIM AND NOT AFRAID OF HIM! Not to be trite,your actor might be very talented,BUT HE IS NO TED BUNDY!

    • Deanna Rick

      Completely agree

      • sadie

        agree…this was exceptionally bad casting for the “Bundy” role

    • Linda Boyce

      Mark Harmon (Gibbs on NCIS) played him a couple decades ago. PERFECT casting!

      • Shelby T Mitchell

        Way too convincing. Remember seeing that as a kid.

      • shabhan manai

        How to earn money with crimefeed … kEEP READING

      • Melina Canales

        Yes he did such an awesome ted bundy! deliberate stranger. I never see it anymore?

      • floridagirl

        that was pretty good movie and was truer than this three episode is for sure

      • Jane Switzer

        Yes in “The Deliberate Stranger” 1986 made for TV 2 part program. Based on the book by Richard Larsen. Ted was still on death row when it aired.

      • tentantoes

        Mark Harmon way way too handsome to have looked like Bundy

    • I can’t get beyond that either. I wonder if they went with an actor who didn’t look like Bundy to keep us guessing about who the Angel of Decay really was?

      • Jane Switzer

        Then they should have left out the volkswagen! They also had to leave out the obv Lake Sam clue…he was overheard introducing himself to Janice Ott as “Ted”.

    • Amanda

      I agree, very poor casting. If I saw their actor somewhere, I would definitely steer clear

      • floridagirl

        he did look serial killer like but Ted Bundy’s charm was why they did not catch him and how he got away with it for so long he did not look scary or alarming.

    • Ronin

      It was very bad casting I agree. He doesn’t even remotely resemble the police sketch used in the show even though his gf says it looks just like him. I don’t know why they did that. Everybody knew it was going to be about Bundy so having an actor that looks nothing like him makes no sense.

      • Eve Hassett

        I recently just watched my DVR’d shows. I did not find the learings of this actor to be convincing of Ted Bundy. If I had looked at this man and that learing smile i would have run the other way. Bad casting!

      • Gloria Harper

        Geez, unless he’s a twin Mark Harmon did a great job in the movie. The movie was giving people the story not looking for a twin or digging up dead bodies so you and others with the same complaint can see the exact people. Pay more attention to the story and less analysis to how the actors look! You need to get over yourself and quick!

    • Nikki Knight


    • serial thriller


    • Therese Rayfield

      I agree with u, I was bummed with actor who played Bundy. I couldn’t get into it.so many facts were left out, like Bundy escaping from jail twice in Colorado. I didn’t know who the serial killer was since the actor was in No way like Bundy. The last murder he did in Florida, that poor child really wasn’t mentioned. OK OK next time if they let u do another 3 nights thrill kill please have the person who casts learn more about the main character. ID Addic

      • floridagirl

        YES the little girl in Florida is why he got the death penalty she should have been a feature. They got it all wrong too she was on a bicycle and she saw him stealing the white van that is why he said he killed her, said she got in his way. In real interviews while in prison.

        • the observer

          Not even remotely close to the truth

          • Nurze

            Agreed. You need to do some research floridagirl cause you’ve got your “story” completely wrong.

        • eva

          The last victim-12 year old Kimberley Leach was abducted from a school.

        • Michael Ivers

          completely wrong, he was going to the chair one way or the other, the fact that he had Murdered a child and was an escape risk only helped that along.

        • Wendy Barnes

          He took her out of some school’s campus. A middle school.

    • Nora Coffey Beers

      I never thought that Ted Bundy was that good looking, either, but I understand he was very charismatic. I agree with you that this actor was no Ted Bundy. If they ever make a show about Charles Manson, this is the actor they should choose.

      • Jennifer Crawford

        There IS a show about Manson right now on network TV – Aquarius. The actor they chose isn’t exceptionally good looking but there’s something compelling about him. That said, I don’t know anything about Manson.

      • Sassie Kat

        There is a tv movie about Charles Manson – called Helter Skelter and the guy who played him was Steve Railsback and he even looked like him.

        • clemdane

          Railsback was amazing in that film. It’s the first film I saw Railsback in and he was so convincing that it took me another 20 years before I realized that in real life Steve Railsback is actually quite attractive. All I could see when I looked at him was “Manson.”

          • Martha Bartha

            Played that part excellent.

        • Martha Bartha

          He was brilliant in that role.

    • Tara IDfan

      I will not apologize for this but the actor was ugly and when he did that full grin thing with all those teeth I thought why did they pick this guy? I wouldn’t want to see him in any movie much less as Ted bundy

      • Adacats

        Totally agree. Even Ted would be pissed.

      • Rachel Elisabeth

        Does anyone know the name of the actor? I actually thought that he was exceptionally good. He didn’t look like Bundy, but he was creepy and a good actor. I liked the show. Its the ID channel, I didn’t expect it to be an HBO film, so a little bit cheesy, but good. Im pretty sure all of the actors are scottish.

        • Amber

          Ryan gage

          • dentss

            Mark Harmon …he’s now on CSI

          • RVABREAD22

            No, Mark Harmon was in the “Deliberate Stranger”. In real life, Mark Harmon was far too handsome to play Ted Bundy. And I say that as a heterosexual male. The actor in this other flick was Ryan Gage.

    • Tea_Lady_Elaine

      I don’t think he’s good looking. Why do people always say that, as if killers should be ugly. Granted a lot of them are scary looking but the two who are on the loose right now; if you saw them in a public place you wouldn’t look twice. If they asked you for directions, say, to the nearest Starbucks, you’d give it to them. Because we Americans are mostly good human beings. We are easily tricked. Bundy tricked people by acting helpless or in need of assistance and he made sure they would say, oh here, let me help you with that. Now, when he said you can put it on the front seat, that’s when they should have never turned their backs on him. No lady bends over in front of a man, my God, didn’t their grandmother’s teach them that when they taught them to keep their knees covered? He had scummy teeth, not handsome no way!

    • tentantoes

      The real Bundy was gaunt, short, thin….ugly.

      • Gloria Harper

        I personally did not see a “handsome” man in Ted Bundy. I suppose when you’re ugly inside, it shows on the outside as well. I just see creepy when I see him! Yuck!

      • RVABREAD22

        Ted Bundy wasn’t short. He was 5’11 which was considered slightly tall for that time. He was very unattractive, though. i can say that even as a man. I don’ t know what women saw in him.

    • tentantoes

      Ted was alllllways quite ugly as for my opinion.
      The actor in the current thing is a good actor…has his posture and mannerisms down to a T

  • god56

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    • Therese Rayfield

      Don’t believe it pay like that if it sounds that good u know there’s a rotten apple somewhere and if they say send money then u know scam then u scram lol

      • Therese Rayfield

        I was really bummed could of been written better, better actors all the money they have to produce it reminded me of a true detective show back in the late 70’s early 80’s

  • Deanna Rick

    How are these little known facts, a few are rumors for one and two I already knew each one of these

  • yogz

    Michael Fassbender would make a great Ted Bundy in my opinion

    • Raquel Santos

      Fassbender would nailed it! He´s a very methodical actor and he could perfectly do it, and I can see a resemblance, specially on Ted Bundy´s death photo!


      Actually Ted Bundy and Young George Bush look incredibly alike. Wonder if their is any Bundys or Cowells on the Bush Family tree?

  • Laurie Sanford

    I hate you ID

    • DeAnn

      I’ve always thought Gregory Harrison would be a perfect actor to play Ted Bundy. Does anyone agree?

  • JoshuaJMadison

    &^^&^Going Back crimefeed There’s infoo

  • John Hayden Risden Jr.

    Just another Manic Bundy.

    • Satyameva Jayate

      You are killing me. Good one, though. 🙂

  • Is purposing to someone the same as proposing?

  • Judy Schoolcraft

    I totally agree that the actor is NOT even close to Ted Bundy in looks or charm. In fact, not to be mean, but he’s creepy! He would never get those women to fall for him.

  • damitajo1

    these things are all basically rumors. goodbye.

  • Not Scorsese

    On any of your numerous shows, did you ever focus on Gary Addison Taylor? ‘Cause now I want to know more about his horrible case.

  • I believe they chose a less attractive Bundy for a reason,as evident by there timeline accuracy and their care to name each and every victim, this series’s was in no way meant to glorify the oh so handsome madman.

    • Ronin

      It’s not about attractiveness. They cast a male, but that’s all they got right. This series isn’t about the victims. People aren’t watching it because of who was killed, most probably don’t even know the names.

    • floridagirl

      they did NOT name or detail the victims in Florida. That is where he got caught and where they made sure he never got out of jail. This was in no way accurate account of what happened either they left out most all of Florida and got what they did put in wrong. Read newspaper archives and news feeds from FLORIDA where we all learned from him what he did. I remember this too. this was a terrible version of the facts.

    • Jon North

      He didn’t have a unibrow. Ted had a major unibrow!

  • I am an editor on a FB page called Understanding Ted Bundy…and while we do have our fun in our quest to understand the inner workings of Ted…we never forget to respect the innocent lives that were lost…feel free to stop by and join us…you’ll find em there as Ella 😊


      You will never understand unless you are a psychotic necrophiliac. Stupid.

  • Deborah Howell

    I feel very rude saying this since I’m certainly no beauty, but it’s unbelievable to me that this production didn’t hire an at least reasonably attractive actor to play Bundy. Bundy was a monster, but he was physically handsome. That’s undoubtedly why so many girls were taken in by him. If I saw the guy playing Bundy in this show coming toward me, I’d run the other way. He’s sinister looking, not handsome, and his long black hair and unshaven face look like the little Dutch boy was rode hard and put away wet. The casting totally ruined “Serial Thriller” for me. Yuck.

  • Define2

    I never thought he was that good looking…I’m not sure what women are seeing that I’m not.

    • Tuesday’s Gone

      I never thought he was good looking either. Still, the actor in this series is just to creepy to be Bundy. Maybe they cast because he was creepy looking.
      I knew most of the little-known facts too. There is however many people who do not know this stuff. It happened a long time ago.

      • Leesa MaryMilling

        He would be convincing as the Grinch who stole Christmas.

    • curious

      I am female and remember this case as it was happening. Even in my younger years, Bundy certainly did not have the looks that would have appealed to me.

    • floridagirl

      Mark Harmon was cuter …still is

  • peggy

    This movie Is amateurish, bad acting, bad directing, and the guy playing Bundy was miscast, he should be on Walking Dead, worst thing I have seen on ID and I’m a big fan, Ann Rule’s book is an excellent read, also Mark Harmon’s portrayal of Bundy was spot on, just make sure all of your windows and doors are locked when you watch it, it is scary.

    • curious

      I didn’t feel the movie was amateurish, for me it had more of a documentary or biography feel. I had no problem with the acting, in fact, the way the movie was done made me think of the era it took place in. Movies used to have much more dialogue than action and that is how this movie came across for me.

  • Brian Mckinney

    completely agree…Bundy was a very handsome, suave and loquacious chick magnet. the loser on your show is homely if downright ugly at best. definitely not good actor casting for the part of bundy. would think his girlfriend would also have been prettier. she looks like classic trailer trash compared to the girls bundy kills.
    knew the answers to all the trivia. story really did not go into how dark bundy really was when rejected by the girl of his dreams because he wasn’t good enough and then the huge amount of time and work he put into building himself up. win her back and then completely reject her. takes a very focused and sick puppy to pull that off.

  • laurie harless

    Yes, I have to agree…..The Actor looks more like he was plucked from Dubai in Saudi Arabia. Even though Ted Bundy was evil, and sick, he had his looks going for him. Probably one of many things that helped him out during his crimes. I’m having a hard time watching because of their poor choice for “Ted” , and some of the eye-makeup on the women is downright creepy ! They went way overboard on “the smoky eye effect”. The best Bundy movie (besides Harmon’s) was the one that starred Cary Elwes. You should have kept “good looking” in the plot, because after all, the “Normal” look is what makes it so terribly sick !!!!!!!! They CAN BE your next-door-neighbor, or your boyfriend !!!!!!!!

    • Seraphine Mariam

      Agreed. Btw Dubai is not in Saudi Arabia. Also, men from dubai and also from Saudi Arabia are mostly good looking.

  • Mango

    The real TB looks a lot like GW Bush, maybe just that crazy look in the eyes, or just maybe that they share the same party affiliation, lol.


      HAHAHA Just got done posting the exact same thing in previous post!

  • Tina Bell

    Very bad casting for Bundy. No one would think he was attractive or charming. He is just creepy and the hair is horrible!!

  • Aura

    He certainly doesn’t look like he would be a product if inbreeding.

  • Juliette

    Firstly – ‘Bundyphile’? How inappropriate
    Secondly – Everyone’s going on about how attractive Ted Bundy was…while he wasn’t ugly, he wasn’t that extraordinarily handsome. At least in my opinion.

    • Therese Rayfield

      I agree I never thought Bundy was good looking and that actor u were right he was creepy and this is bad he has very large teeth every time he smiled creeped me our.

    • XxDragonsPrayerxX

      well, using the term “phile” in his fanclub would make sense, since he raped and killed an 8yr old child. that’s a pedophile for ya.

  • scorpio

    Why did you choose such an unattractive, creepy actor with long hair to play Ted Bundy? He looks nothing like Ted Bundy! Ted Bundy was a good looking guy!

  • Psychbutterfly

    The actor chosen to play Bundy is a good actor, but he was not a good Bundy. I realize you wanted to keep his hair long to transition to his scruffy looks, but it ruined scenes with Stephanie. She would never have dated someone who was shaggy looking. Every so often, you could catch a creepy glimpse of Bundy in Gage’s eyes or mannerism, but other than that, his weird toothy grin and long hair took away from him becoming Bundy. There were a lot of other aspects I felt the miniseries would have been better addressing. I love that you did this miniseries (and on Bundy, my fave) but it could have been more well written and better cast.

  • Psychbutterfly

    I think the perfect Ted Bundy actor would be Ty Burrell from Modern Family. He looks like an older version of Bundy, and has some of his mannerisms. Him doing the Keppel scenes would be very scary.

    • Lazarus

      That’s a good call! Burrell really does have a lot of Bundy’s mannerisms and there is a physical resemblance.

  • Jan Butler

    I thought the same thing about the actor that played Ted bundy! I’ve seen one movie that actor to was not good looking either!.Ted bundy was a monster to bad like the judge said at the end of is trial you would of been a good lawyer!. But like all the doctors an F B I experts most terrible murders are very intelligent!.Very Very scary right.😎JB

  • mfall

    That actor is one of the ugliest guys I’ve ever seen. Bundy may not have been the best looking guy in the world but at least he was reasonably attractive. No woman would want to spend two seconds around this guy. His hairstyle is just ridiculous and get a load of those teeth. Yuck! It was hard to even watch this.

  • betty boop

    Ugliest, sleazy looking actor and I don’t think he is a good actor at all. The girlfriend can’t act either. Really ID spend a few extra dollars and hire the appropriate people instead of sleazeball “B” actors.

    • Therese Rayfield

      True so true

  • Donna Matherly

    I would like to know where Bundy lived in 1964. Does anyone know? He would have been around 17.

    • mfall

      He was going to Woodrow Wilson High School in Tacoma, Washington, the same high school that I graduated from years later. There was also a still unsolved case in Tacoma in 1961 where an 8 year old girl disappeared from her home in the middle of the night and was never seen or heard from again. Ted Bundy not only lived in her neighborhood but was also the family’s morning paper boy. Although he never admitted to it, a lot of people including myself think that he did it and it was probably his first murder. There are just too many coincidences.

      • Donna Matherly

        I am sorry I missed your reply but I am so glad you had all that imformation. I lived in Tacoma in 1964. I was 15. For 6 months I was stalked and tomented. I called police numerous times. They kept telling me whoever it was, he was probably just messing with me and harmless or he would have attempted to actually grab me. But after 6 months of hell, he did try to grab me. I was standing near an open kitchen window one night, I had burned popcorn and was trying to get smoke out of kichen. I had my back to window as I fanned the smoke with a kichen towel , I felt arms around my waist, I turned and I never will forget that face! I screamed and he screamed back at me, mocking me, then laughed and started pulling me out of the window! BUT my screams brought help and he was chased through the woods by 3 young men, but they lost him. It was snowing and very dark. This happened by lake Louise on the side closest to the back entrance of Fort Lewis. The police were called that night too. They told me the next day they had someone in custody, a soilder who lived close by. They released him before I could even ID him. When Bundys face first appeared in the media, chills went up my spine and I shook for days. I knew it was him. I only told family until now. I did not want to be known. I’m 66 now and I no longer care what people think. Just thought I’d share this with you because I thought you’d find it interesting. Thanks again for replying.

        • John Smith

          If he was black you think they would have let him go? They should had at least let you ID him! Unbelievable how many passes this creep got. Just this week a black woman was held for 8 days in a custody because cops did not believe she owned a BMW she was driving!

      • MrMarco855 .

        Was the military guy actually bundy? Did you contact the police again after you first saw his picture ? What a story you have…………..I’m sorry you had to live that nightmare. I hope you have found peace in your life.

  • Kathy Blakely

    The actor playing Bundy looked almost gorilla-ish. The surprising thing about the real Ted Bundy was that he was so clean cut, but changed his hair & facial hair often. He was a Republican & didn’t go for the hippie long hair. No one would have gotten in a car with the actor on Serial Thriller.

  • julie

    Loved the movie angel of decay on ID. The actor played Bundy brilliantly. He terrified me and kept me awake for 3 nights. The way he smiled and his vacant look…..wow… great mini series.

  • Helen B

    After reading all these comments, I must say u ppl are hilarious! Ppl always find a way to miss the real point. Forget how the actjor look, he did an amazing job portraying this nut. The honest to God truth is bundy wasn’t all that nice looking. Everyone know in their heart this man was able to lure these women cause he is a white man. Everyone knows that ppl look to white ppl as trustworthy individuals. That’s how these men are able to fool so many ppl. Look at the statistics of ur serial killers. White, 20-30, charming…yall completely miss the point.

    • RVABREAD22

      not all serial killers are white.

  • Jane Switzer

    #5 …it was New Year’s Eve when Bundy escaped from the “Andy Griffith”- like jail in Garfield County, Colorado. Not Christmas Eve. Both escapes occurred in Colorado. That was the second one. The first escape occurred in Aspen. He jumped out of the second story window of the courthouse.

    • floridagirl

      that isn’t all they got wrong either

  • Melina Canales

    I know this much…. mark Hammond played an excellent ted bundy. THE DELIBERATE STRANGER

  • floridagirl

    This account of this criminal is not totally accurate either there are so many details they got wrong. The last victim in Florida was on a bicycle when he killed her. She is the reason he got the death penalty. He had more than one session with the taped interviews with the detectives. they let out so much of it too. I remember this when it happened. they caught him by accident in Pensacola because he was speeding, they ran tags and arrested him for driving a stolen vehicle, it was two hours after he was there that he told them who he was. If you want to report a true crime, read the true facts.

  • Jane Switzer

    Poor casting….That guy was a cross between Michael Jackson & Velma from Scooby Doo. He was creepy but not the handsome, chameleon Bundy was, which made him so deceitfully deadly. Also they left out Carole DaRonch’s frantic “tuck & roll” from the VW and her rescue by the elderly couple driving by…the cuffs left on her wrist were the key to cracking the case…I guess a stunt woman wasn’t in the budget! How did they take up three nights and leave out so much of the story?? Ugh.

  • dotworld

    Worst casting choice ever! Who in the world would give this greasy, unshaven toothy character the time of day?

  • JohnACollins

    &^^&^Going Back crimefeed <

  • Kathy White Holland

    I just wonder how somebody could be a serials killer and save lives on a suicide prevention hotline ! Idk what is wrong with somebody that can lives and take lives at the same time !

  • Randall Stevens

    I agree that the casting SUCKED. This actor must have had something on the producers to get that part. Booooooo! Also the girls pictures. His victims had long dark hair parted in the middle. Which represented the girl that jilted him in San Franciso. They could have least got that part right!

  • Joan

    Also, a HUGE part of evidence was the fact that Ted left his teeth marks on one of the Florida college girls and was used to seal his fate. Very important for the time of his crimes and should have been mentioned.

  • Elizabeth Towler

    I agree that they cut out a lot of important thing. It seems to me that they just ran out of time since the first two episodes we devoted to like a four or five year period of Bundy’s activities ( I happened to be a newborn baby in Portland Oregon at the time) while the third episode is left to cover over a decade including Bundy’s capture, escapes, recapture, trial, sentencing, time on death row, final confession and execution. They should have made it a five day miniseries. Also, I too was put off by the actor cast to play Bundy. The real Bundy was considered charming, handsome and charismatic. Pictures of Bundy associated with the case also reveal the Bundy can look creepy and very menecing on occasion, which provides a telling glimpse of his true self. The actor that played him in this series bore no resemblance at all to him (except perhaps the unibrow). Plus, this guy was just creepy from the get go, and his hair was circa 1992 Seattle grunge rock so apparently this show is implying that Bundy was a time traveler too? Hmm

  • Rose Pernice Dembosz

    People in this thread are obsessed with comparing Bundy’s looks with the actor that played him.

  • The casting of this actor was terrible if you ask me. Ted was very handsome, he look the part of a lawyer, carried himself as a professional as well as being charming which is why women never suspected a thing and found it hard to believe it was him, like Liz and Ann.

    • Rose Pernice Dembosz

      If you read this thread, you’d discover that’s been stated a hundred times already.

  • Rose Pernice Dembosz

    People please. Ted Bundy was not extremely charismatic! He was a coward that prayed upon naive young women and trusting little girls at a time when serial killers were unknown to many people. STOP glorifying this piece of shit murderer.

  • Adacats

    Yes, but the actor in the ID “Serial Thriller” DEFINITELY gives me the creeps.

  • carol

    The actor who played Bundy is Ryan Gage who is actually from London. His main body or work have been hobbit type movies. I personally do not think he was cast very well for this project. The other actor who played the main cop Bob Keppel was Elliot Cowan who nailed that role and he is from England as well. Both have heavy english accents so kudos to them both for portraying these characters. Could not have been easy or comfortable.

  • Lazarus

    Bad casting. The actor does not possess the bland good looks of Bundy, but instead resembles David Brohl…er…I mean…Grohl of Nirvana and Foo Fighters.

  • abbytodd

    I don’t agree with comments about this actor not being good looking enough to played Bundy. Bundy wasn’t handsome in my opinion. This actor did a good job with the role. At times he appeared kind of good looking and at other times he looked crazy, weird!


      Pretty sure Bundy victims thought the exact same thing about Ted once he had them in his car or isolated location.

  • concernedmom103

    If Bundy was in fact a product of incest then that could explain some of why he is like he was. He was one sick man.

  • Tina Vassar

    Can’t get into this because the casting of Ted Bundy is so off. Why would they pick someone who looks hispanic to play a caucasion?

  • the observer

    The guy playing Bundy looked like Dave Grohl…

  • tentantoes

    I have NEVER understood anyone thinking he was good-looking! I was in my mid to late teens when he was first arrested and shown on television and thought he was ugly then and have every time I have seen photos of him since.
    Charisma didn’t come across to me at any point either. Every actor I ever saw portray him was much more attractive to this particular (very particular) female.
    I saw just 20 minutes or so of the end of this redo of it, but the actor just needed his hair waved to resemble Bundy.

  • Kathy Miller

    The night that Bundy escaped from the Garfield Co. Jail, he was on the dance floor of the Red Garter Room at the Hotel Colorado. Then proceeded to stay with a friend’s of mine brother’s home for the next 2-3 weeks.

  • Seraphine Mariam

    Really? Buntyphile?

  • Marshall Bates


  • madeleine

    he’s ugly and also crazy as hell so i have no idea why people like him. like…are you okay????

  • nlcatter

    2 women – one didnt press cops, other gave him money aided him in killing more women! pathetic morons

  • XxDragonsPrayerxX

    Who honestly gives a shit if the ACTOR who played him was a good choice, as “hot” as him, etc. And btw, Ted Bundy was not hideous or creepy looking, which was the problem, he looked like a normal guy who was charismatic, narcissistic, a pathological liar and a complete sociopath. He looked normal, and then duped people into helping him, to kill them. he even raped and killed an 8 yr old child, but you can send him praises and say how good looking he was. Most chomos and rapists AND killers are “hot” right?
    People are sickening.

  • coocoopoopoo

    I really wanted to be the 100 comment

  • John Smith

    Everyone is just commenting in his looks! What about the fact they let this murderer walk around without handcuffs. And after escaping not once but twice he lived out in the open! No massive man hunt. Must be nice to be white.

  • Dave Wierzbicki

    I’m watching a show on network reel and they are calling him buffalo bill like in silence of the lambs ? Don’t think he was ever called that ????

  • tentantoes

    Bundy the cockroach came to light when I was about 12. I kept hearing how good looking this monster was.
    Geeeesh….I thought he was ugly then, through out the decades. I look back at photos and see film footage and he is an ugly, wormy-looking thing. Lots of good looking men in the world . But he wasn’t one of them.

    There are some very famous people (as different from INfamous) who grew up well into adulthood thinking their mother was their sister. Grandparents their parents. No big deal.

    BUT…why has DNA testing not been done to determine if he was his mother’s father’s biological child by incest. Lots of DNA samples left all around to do that. Or any CODIS hits to figure out his father if someone else?

    • RVABREAD22

      He also looked so much older than his age. He looked about 30 when he was supposed to be a Senior in high school and close to 50 when he was arrested.

  • Once you go Bear, Arnie Grape

    Apparently, he would kill women as easily as a kid buys candy at the store. There is no telling how many more he killed. That is one thing I don’t like about executing these monsters because we’ll never have any chance to get more info from him.


      He actually has killed hundreds. He was not convicted, nor did he confess to trial and jury, however he did to his defense attorney. It was indeed in the hundreds.

      • The DUKE

        And women were still voluntarily hanging around him, even got married! I remember him growing up but when I started reading about him with the vast information on the internet, Jeepers creepers!!!!! Plus, other serial killers. Every couple of years I end up pulling a all-nighter and surfing the net and there is always more information than before and the links to other sickos is endless. I don’t see any point to watch the Hollywood made up stuff too much anymore. The missing people over the decades is chilling too, the ones that never turn back up. Those stories and personal websites for them are all over the internet too, CSI seemed so stupid to waste time on. lol There is quit a few true story shows That HBO Autopsy show got me looking on internet.

      • RVABREAD22

        His ego would have taken pleasure into trying to claim more, but in reality they believe the official number is 38 women.Remember, he wanted to delay his date of execution by confession to more murders. I don’t think he could have possibly killed hundreds. There was even a case of a girl missing in 1973, who they swore was Bundy. Years later with DNA evidence, it turned out to be an escapee from a mental ward that did it. Many of the other missing women were killed in the Western states, and they were never tied to Ted Bundy.

  • Michael Fallon

    Two items on this list may not be true.
    I understand that they never were able to prove his grandfather was his father. And, the police deny he was any help on the Green River case. He only played games and manipulates them in order to delay his execution.

  • David Cates

    The fact that there are people in the world that are either so warped or direly in need of attention that they would entertain beginning a relationship with monsters like Bundy is almost as sickening to contemplate as the crimes themselves. The fact that Bundy was willing, eager and selfish enough to father a child even as he awaited justice in the death chamber should come as no surprise; but what of the women, supposedly many, that sought his attentions?
    Not to mention the utter obscenity of his request to have his remains scattered in the same area that he first murdered, then desecrated the remains of so many innocent victims. Common decency should have dictated to even his most loyal supporters that his remains go no further than the nearest toilet at the funeral home where this despicable creep’s body was reduced to ashes.
    And that’s all I have to say about that.

  • grandwizard

    Contrite not trite

  • Michael Falsia

    Having this animals car on display is absolutely sick! It is an heartless insult to the victims and their families! The vehicle should be destroyed! Only a demented moron would want to see that as an attraction of some sort? Absolutely disgusting! Maybe they should have the knife that was used in the Sharon Tate murder? What an outrage! Why was this not challenged by the Families?

  • melgibstein

    He sawed a hole through the ceiling of his jail cell. Wow that must have been one safe jail. Andy Dufresne would even blush hearing that one.

  • EddieM

    January 24, 1989 could not have come soon enough.

  • kookooracharabioso

    This site sucks. Can’t read through a single sentence but a pop-up covers the text with something you want me to go see.

  • Casper Jean Rimbaud

    A ‘young female Bundy’? Bit sensationalist. If she knows she’s probably sickened enough without being referred to as the female Bundy. Not her fault her father was a sick freak.


      LOL says the guy that is paying homage to the necrophiliac by using his alias.

  • MrMarco855 .

    If anything can be discerned from one picture,………look at Bundy above as a little boy. He looks very sad considering he’s at a beach in summer. His grandfather hovering over him makes me wonder if there was an unhealthy relationship involving abuse of some kind. That’s not to make an excuse for ted’s crimes, but it’s one of the saddest things in life to know about an innocent child being abused.

  • Wren

    Um, Edward Kemper was the Co-Ed Killer, not Bundy.

  • Jesse Gooby Buenger

    Currently reading Ann Rule’s book as we speak and this article does it zero justice, itst he best book I;ve ever read, period, on any topic, ever, its so perfectly written from her sperspective its like LITERALLLY reliving the ENTIRE THING in her AND Bundy’s shoes! As it happened, AS it unfolded!


      Read conversations with a Killer. Its interviews with Bundy and is also a very interesting read.

  • LOL

    That’s sad to think that people thinking that Ted Bundy’s son would be scary even though he did nothing to deserve it. IF he was real. That’s unfair.


      Ted did not have a son. Ted had a daughter named Rosebud, Creepy fact Officer Rosebud is what he called himself when he Lured Carol from the shopping center , claiming that someone had broke into her car.

  • Robert Phippeny

    I have a friend who grew up in Fl in the late 70s who swears she saw a man who looked like Bundy in a VW parked at a gas pump in front of them. My friend was 15 years old at the time and had long brown hair parted down the middle. She told me the man turned around from the driver’s seat, looked at her through the rear window of the VW for what felt like a minute, then smiled and gave her a thumbs up sign. It made her feel good about herself and she remembered smiling and waving back.

    Then her Mom returned to the car and they drove off. My friend forgot all about the encounter until a week later she read about the Tallahassee murders and saw the photo of Ted Bundy. She believe he was the man she waved at that day.

    She lived in Central Florida at the time so I’ve always been a bit skeptical that this was actually Bundy but at least (if it was) she has a happy ending to her encounter.

  • FaithColeridge33

    Budy was never raised believing his grandfather was his father. He never had a lovechild. He was married to the child’s mother. He never provided any substantial aid in the arrest of the Green River Killer. The green river killer was arrested 11 years after Bundy was executed.

  • Cheryl Lynn Dennis Robbins

    None of you know nothing about Ted Bundy most of you weren’t even born yet the pictures they have posted on here are the original pictures of Ted Bundy look up old newspaper clippings

  • Darcy Kirkpatrick Cawood

    He didn’t escape the second time on Christmas Eve. It was New Year’s Eve.

  • chizzy schwartz

    Bundy was a perv… number 1 shoulda been Bundy liked to Jack n Peep.. he was a peeping Tom who grinded his teeth and grunted in bushes while he Jack n peeped it thru a window gazing at someone’s daughter what a pervdog lowlifer

  • Kimberly Siddons

    Does anyone remember the movie Deliberate Stranger where Mark Harmon played Bundy? That was excellent acting and the movie was great.


      Totally romanticized and untrue account of Ted crimes, Just saying.

  • Keith Cassell

    what is scary is when i was a young kid with my mom we seen him standing outside of a laundromat we lived in palm best actually west palm to be exact, and we seen him he had a glove on hi right or left hand i cant remember but i do remember him following us in his car my mom whipped around this corner that corner we drove around for an hour trying to dodge this guy eventually we did this is a story that we talk about allot. and we remember many details it wasnt until he was caught that my mom knew exactly who he was and what she had almost been a victim of. thank GOD we were being protected .

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  • Mr Happy Man

    Everything regarding Bundy makes sense. His chief tool was the ability to manipulate people – what a sociopath does. And he was exceptional at doing this, which explains how he got what he wanted, and was able to keep escaping from jail twice (almost succeeding a third time).
    This also explains why he kept killing. A manipulator faces less boundaries than non-sociopaths, especially social ones. This leads them to discard some of the boundaries such individuals apply to themselves, as our own internal boundaries are often set by external forces, which sociopaths have less of. So they have less ability to stop evil conduct, even when they desire to stop.

  • Don Johnson

    One of my junior high classmates and his dad were out getting firewood and found one of Bundy’s victims. It was pretty bad and the kid never came back to school.

  • Gloria Harper

    I know I’m a very analytical person, but if some guy came up to me whether it be on a beach, lake, pond or river, I’d first ask how did you get the boat on your vehicle, how do you expect to sail with just one arm, why are you sailing with a broken arm and won’t you drown if you fall off the boat? I’m serious, these girls thought he was good looking and got distracted with his looks, but I still would have asked a butt load of questions and he would have left because I am smarter than he!

  • msxmargo .

    Mark Haron was a horrible.- I have seen a newer movie about Ted that was spot on the actor was not good looking but ok looking like Ted it scared the crap out of me- Good casting has everything thing to do with

    • Sandyjeanie

      Mark Harmon..and I don’t think he was horrible at all!! I like The Deliberate Stranger with Mark Harmon the best.

  • mega sardines

    Study the face of Bundy. Look at the ever present smirk on his face, the confidence he exudes as he looks at you. This is the identical face of Bill Clinton, the serial rapist of women and master manipulator of the Democratic party. Stories of people that Billy Bob had killed are distant now like Bundy’s victims, but just as dead. Both pathological liars and criminal psychopaths and one became president of the USA. Bundy is reviled as he should be, but Billy Bob with his smirk still intact came close to gaining white house residency again. Hollywood has a mega ton hit to deliver if only they would present the life of Billy Bob illustrating the sexual assaults of women, the deaths of his victims, the hundreds of millions of ill conceived and stolen money from around the world.

  • Wubbsy

    He has a daughter. She’s perfectly normal and has done nothing remotely resembling anything he did. What of her?

  • Martha Bartha

    He was such a charmer.

  • IWC-3PO

    Teddy would have no doubt been a loyal Trump supporter.

    • Wubbsy

      I don’t know. I know of lots of very sweet though dim Trump supporters. I think he’d be more plausible as one of the Trump administration staff.

  • Presley Simpson

    Ted Bundy wasn’t the co-ed killer. Ed Kemper was. Edmund picked up co-eds looking to hitch hike and then proceeded to murder, dismemeber, and violate them. After murdering several co-eds it ultimately led to him murdering his abusive mother.