Former Employee Arrested For New York Socialite’s “Brutal” & “Horrendous” Murder

Esdras “Victor” Marroquin Gomez [New York State Police]

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — A former employee has been arrested in connection with the 2015 murder of a prominent New York socialite.

Esdras “Victor” Marroquin Gomez was arraigned in Westchester County Court on Monday on a second-degree murder charge.

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According to authorities, Gomez was a part-time day worker who performed occasional jobs for the family.

A caretaker discovered the body of 88-year-old Lois Colley in a laundry room inside Windswept Farm, her 300-acre estate in North Salem.

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State Police said Colley died of blunt-force trauma and that a fire extinguisher missing from the scene could be the murder weapon. Police say that they found the fire extinguisher in a nearby pond.

The murder scene was horrendous. From our evaluation, we believe the murder weapon was a home fire extinguisher, and she was brutally assaulted with that,” Westchester County District Attorney Anthony Scarpino said.

Prosecutors stated that they believe Gomez went to the home — possibly to discuss a money issue with someone else — and attacked Colley.

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He had a dispute possibly with the Colley family. The victim, with his relationship with her, I’m not sure how involved he was with her. But he did have a relationship with the family,” Scarpino said.

We have our theory on it. We believe there was a dispute, that he visited the house, possibly to speak to someone else in the family, and he confronted Lois,” Scarpino said.

Days after the murder, prosecutors said Gomez fled to Mexico. Since then, several agencies including the New York State Police, the FBI, and Mexican law enforcement have been searching for him.

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Colley’s millionaire husband Eugene made his fortune as a McDonald’s franchisee.

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Main photo: Esdras “Victor” Marroquin Gomez [New York State Police]



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