Florida Woman Allegedly Killed Husband, Hid Duct-Taped Body In Closet

Barbara Wozniak [Okaloosa Department of Corrections]Barbara Wozniak [Okaloosa Department of Corrections]

SHALIMAR, FL — A Florida woman killed her husband and then hid his duct-taped body behind a hidden wall she made inside a closet in their home in Shalimar, police say.

Okaloosa deputies have charged Barbara Wozniak, 65, with the murder of her husband Alfred Wozniak, 72. Police said that Wozniak was shot in the temple.

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Investigators obtained a search warrant and found a fabricated brick wall inside a closet under a stairway,” the Okaloosa sheriff’s office said. “After removing the bricks and drywall, a large dark plastic type of tarp was observed, shaped in the consistency of an adult body. The material had been thoroughly duct-taped.”

Wozniak was accused of duct-taping her husband’s wrists, ankles, and midsection before covering it with the tarp.

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Deputies said the woman told her two adult children on Wednesday she killed their father in self-defense after he tried to choke her on November 10, according Fox 10 Mobile.

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But investigators have reportedly indicated that the path of the bullet through the skull contradicted the information that Wozniak had given her children. They also found evidence that Wozniak purchased the tarp, tape, drywall, and other supplies to conceal the body.

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Wozniak was served the murder warrant at the Okaloosa County Jail on Friday night. She was already being held on a charge of tampering with evidence on Friday night, according to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.

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Main photo: Barbara Wozniak [Okaloosa Department of Corrections]



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