Jeffrey Dahmer’s Murderer Explains Why He Killed The “Milwaukee Cannibal”

Christopher Scarver [Columbia Correctional Institution]

Christopher Scarver murdered fellow inmate and infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in 1994 and never spoke of it again until 2015. More than 20 years later, Scarver offered chilling insights into the serial killer’s twisted behavior behind bars.

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Scarver grew to despise 34-year-old Dahmer, who was serving 16 life sentences for the murder, rape, and dismemberment of 17 boys and men. Dahmer also admitted to acts of necrophilia and cannibalism, earning him the nickname the “Milwaukee Monster” or the “Milwaukee Cannibal.”

Once behind bars, Dahmer allegedly taunted his fellow inmates, including Scarver. Dahmer reportedly arranged his meals to resemble body parts and lathered them with ketchup to mimic blood. Scarver, who is serving time for killing his boss during a robbery, insists that Dahmer did not feel any remorse for his crimes.

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Scarver, Dahmer, and another inmate, Jesse Anderson, had a deadly showdown when Scarver snapped in 1994. Anderson and Dahmer were allegedly teasing Scarver while he was on cleaning duty. The three men were left alone, and Scarver cornered Dahmer, confronting him about his depraved crimes. Scarver then used a metal bar from the prison weight room to crush Dahmer’s skull, and also killed Anderson.

Scarver maintains that the prison staff wanted Dahmer dead and thus left the men alone. The prison will not comment on Scarver’s story.

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Scarver spent 16 years in solitary confinement for the killings and is still serving three life terms.

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Main photo: Christopher Scarver [Columbia Correctional Institution]


  • NBP

    I totally believe what he says about the staff leaving them alone. The staff know whats what and they probably knew what would take place.

    • Queen J

      I agree too!!

    • Danny

      And the other inmate was just collateral damage?

      • Alyssa Bell

        I saw the original article from 2015 and scarver said that he killed Anderson because he killed his wife and and was jackass about killing her.

  • Mary Dante

    Justice served cold…

  • Buxton2276

    Good, Dahmer didn’t deserve to live, much less live on the taxpayers’ dime…

    • Jodie

      aqnd what makes you judge jury and executioner???

  • Amanda DeLong

    I bet they were 16yrs well earned… Honestly I don’t normally condone violence but good for him Dahmer deserved it.

    • Gigi

      The 16 years in solitary were for killing Dahmer & Anderson. I think he should have gotten a medal!

      • Jodie

        He was not judge jury and executioner and neither are you.

  • Chase Parsons

    Whoever wrote this should kill themselves

  • Alice N AaronBradeen

    Who the eff wrote that? Does anyone give enough of a shit to proof read? He didn’t deserve solitary for that.

    • Jodie

      He killed someone! He is NOT judge ,jury and EXECUTIONER.

  • Keep it Real

    All a bunch of animals….Bet them guards had bets on who would make it out alive!!!

  • DeniseWill2

    …and you believe another killer?

    • Melissa Marie

      Ummm…so if anyone commits a crime, they Are also a liar? ?Delete that, it makes you look ignorant lol

      • Jodie

        the only ones looking ignorant are the ones thinking its okay to let other inmates kill people! This is why we have a justice system and a CRIMINAL ,guards or who ever is NOT judge jury and executioner. Wonder what crime he committed to be in there?He sure as hll don’t have the right to decide what punishment another inmate gets.

    • Lesa L. Tatum

      Why not? What does he have to gain by lying? He will be in jail for the rest of his life. It’s not like they are going to let him out.

  • Sherri Mae

    Who wrote this? They definitely need a better writer.

    • shellyTheGreat

      Thank you. It’s hard to even take the information seriously because it’s written so poorly.

      • Emily Heinzl

        False and bs all around!

    • Emily Heinzl

      It’s extremely FALSE!!!

    • Aracelis Lugo

      Emily Kaiser wrote it. It says it up top

    • Lisa Marie Green

      “Scarver then used a metal bar from the prison weight room to crush Dahmer skull and kill Anderson.”

      There are so many professional writers that would be THRILLED to write for but they hire people who don’t proofread. A few weeks ago they wrote an article about a pregnant woman’s murder. The writer stated the baby was “cut from her STOMACH.”

      Crime Frees, find some more professional writers!

      • Jennifer

        Am I missing something? …stomach….is correct. How else would you spell it?
        Or are you a web m.d and are offended it wasn’t called a uterus?…because either is stupid to whine about….lmao

    • Roxanne Powell

      Totally agree. These typos are making me nauseated.

  • Darren P

    Maybe that’s how the Boston Marathon Bomber will get his…

  • George Johnson

    Battle Royal. Put all the worst of the worst in a big pit and throw in a couple of axes and sell it on pay per view.

    • Derek M. Fasani

      That would be amazing

    • Robert Jory

      Make it more interesting by throwing in weapons and random objects. Toss in an axe, a bat, package of pens, big purple dildo, a soda can…. you get the idea.

  • mobycat

    Who proofread this? No one, clearly

  • Jeff Hall

    I believe the accusations of the guards leaving them alone on purpose. When I was in prison in Arizona, the guards at ADC TUCSON’s High Medium Security Unit (Rincon) unlocked a cell door to allow three members of the Aryan Brotherhood in to kill a suspected “snitch.” I’ve also been detained in Chicago’s Cook County Jail, where I’ve seen guards point out child molesters to gang members and then “go on lunch.” I’m not saying it’s wrong, I’m just saying it happens and it is a fact of life.

    • Max Aguilar

      I have to agree with you.
      you dont notice till your inside hiw its really like.

    • L.T.

      But I don’t remember a Jeff Hall in ‘The Blues Brothers’!

  • J Boogie

    It doesn’t matter what the staff wanted, when we have a white sociopathic deranged serial killer who enjoyed eating human flesh….And, let us be clear and understand, that there are some twisted white folks who are made at how J. Dahmer died, opposed to the killings he did to the innocent lives of other boys and men, because they wanted to live their lives as homosexuals….And, Fox news want to demonize the reaction of looting in Baltimore Maryland when you have these white torroist like James Holmes and Craig Stephen who kill for no reason…..And, Now Hollywood is mad, because Scarver interfered with their money, in essence of the movie and book deals by Dahmer. SMH


    • Paige

      You DO realize that Dahmer was homosexual right? And that he could not have profited from any book deals or movie deals as its against the law to do so. I’m from Baltimore…and looting serves NO purpose so if your defending it maybe YOU should check your values. Dahmer was a monster…but so was the man who killed him. Lets not forget he killed someone too…and then killed Dahmer. I think you are forgetting that every race had bad apples. I also think you need a check up from the neck up my friend.

      • Crystrena Vaughn-Hazelton

        Thank you… I was about to tell him this myself until your post popped up…

        • Paige

          People tend to group all races together by the actions of a few…always pointing the finger…and never realizing they have 3 pointing back at themselves.

      • Max Aguilar

        Let re-read a certain part that man did in fact take a human life but not as dahmer.
        life in prison is a hard pitch in life.

        • Paige

          Huh? I dont need to re-read it. It says and I quote “Scarver, who serving time for killing his boss during a robbery”. Then it says “Scarver then used a metal bar from the prison weight room to crush Dahmer skull and kill Anderson.” So he killed his boss, killed Dahmer and then killed the other inmate. And he is less of a monster why? Life in prison is hard, its meant to be. If you dont want a hard life…obey the law.

          • Max Aguilar

            So your comparing a man that killed 17 men and boys and sometimes consumed human flesh from his victims to a man that had a hard life and murdered his boss as monsters.
            wow what type of world do we live in.
            when you call a man that took a human life a monster and compare him to a maniac like dahmer you must really know your facts.
            Read more about scarvers life before you start branding him a moster

          • Paige

            I dont have to compare them they were both found guilty of MURDER. Same boat. A murder is a murder. He murdered his boss and 2 others, he is no saint. Hard life? He had a hard life because he chose to kill someone. What did he expect? Club med? What I think your saying is… ” this guy murdered his boss in cold blood while attempting to rob him…buuuuuut Dahmer killed more people and ate them” As if one is better than the other! What world do YOU life in that this kind of behaviour is ok??

          • Courtney Hallada

            Dahmer came home from high school one day and found that his parents left..and left him behind in an empty house to fend for his self as an adult when he was a teen.. Dahmer was a sicko but not all of his life had been peaches and cream… Even with that, Antwon Fisher had a horrible childhood but turned out ok

          • Amanda T Le

            His father was always living with him, just working a lot.

          • Angie

            Why compare? They’re both murderers. Period.

          • That RealShepp

            Yes they both are. That’s where the comparison ends.

          • Paige

            So you’re saying that if someone has a hard childhood…well then its ok for them to become murders…because life was hard on them? Lifes hard..get a helmet. I know a lot of people who had awful childhoods, myself included…it didnt give me a pass to harm others. Sorry but if you take out 3 people…you ARE a monster. You can like it or lump it, but those are the FACTS.

      • Somewoman

        You are right.

      • Eric Jewell Hayes Sr

        Was the Boston Tea Party a riot? ijs

      • Melissa

        I couldn’t have said it any better Paige.

      • PaddyMac

        Paige, I think you misunderstood J Boogie and misunderstand the sentences.

        The state thinks there is a difference in Dahmer’s crimes vs Scarver’s crimes as one got 16 life sentences and the other 3. “I’m from” Milwaukee and Dahmer wins the monster award.

        I interpreted J Boogie’s comment to not be condoning looting but in pointing out Fox News’ biases and selective judgements.

        • Paige

          I dont believe I did misunderstand him. He was stating that white people are mad at how Dahmer died…I dont believe most people are mad about it, most are just saying…they are one in the same. Its not that the state saw the crimes as different….Dahmer killed more people therefore his sentence was longer. While the media sensationalizes cases like these the charge is still the same…murder. I think the problem most people have is, most can conceive the idea of murder…its happens everyday in this world, but the idea of eating your victim is something most cant wrap their head around…and rightfully so, but it still murder. Bashing someones skull in is no different than basking someones skull in. The end result is the same. Make sense? With the Baltimore reference I have to ask myself..what is Fox news or any other station suppose to be reporting? Lets say for example that this rioting and looting was taking place but no news stations reported it…the public would be outraged that it was “overlooked” When rioting takes place its only logical to report it.

      • That RealShepp

        Its clear your one of these white washed people who say’s blasphemy and have no clue how you sound. There is a reason why know one knew of scarver until he killed Dahmer. He is not the same type of monster. If you want to call them both monster’s that’s fine its your opinion. But to say there one in the same is absolutely absurd. Both murderer’s yes. That’s the only thing in common.

        • Paige

          So you agree that they are both murders…and yet somehow you are trying to find a difference in the meaning of murderer. Interesting. You are very right, it is my opinion and I am entitled to it. Again, I see no difference in murderers, they are both takers of life. I wonder if you would find a difference between them if it was your loved ones skull crushed in/ shot by Scarver? I have a sneaky suspicion that you would be shouting from the roof tops that he is a monster and no different than any other murderous monster. Just a thought.

          • That RealShepp

            No i am not trying to find a difference in the meaning of murderer. Look at what i said. Im saying there is a difference in monster. They can both be murderers because that’s what they are. They can even both be monsters. But the same monster you absolutely insane if you think that their the same. Look Dahmer is a historical US serial killer. The man who killed him is not. There is a reason for that. Compare Dahmer to other crazy serial killer’s not some man who killed someone during a robbery. Why do you feel so much kind of sympathy for Dahmer. You the same person that victimized people who kill other people rather than the person who does the killing. You look at the faults of the killed rather than the faults of the killer.

          • Paige

            You ARE trying to find a difference. Because 1 ate his victims and the other didnt. The point is they both murdered. You said..”Compare Dahmer to other crazy serial killer’s not some man who killed someone during a robbery.” How quickly we forget that he didnt JUST kill his boss. He crushed Dahmers skull in and then beat another inmate to death. I suppose in your eyes that doesnt count because its was Dahmer and just another inmate?? We cant excuse those murders, even if we dont like the people killed. I have NO sympathy for Dahmer…or scarver. Thats my point. Did you just say “You the same person that victimized people who kill other people rather than the person who is killed”??? Yes, yes you did. How am I victimizing killers? I have said in every post THEY ARE BOTH MONSTERS. Thats not making either of them a victim. Thats stating facts. And yet here you are Victimizing Scarver for killing Dahmer! You say I look at “the faults of the killed rather than the faults of the killer.” Again…you’re doing the same thing with Scarver. HA! Thats rich!

          • That RealShepp

            Please read what i said carefully. You don’t get it. I’m going to make this easy for you. Murderer they both are that yes. Monster’s they both are that in your eyes yes. I don’t care for the word monster anyway because that’s fictional to me. I’m saying they are 2 different type of killer’s. That’s all i’m saying. There have been plenty of people who have robbed a place and murdered in the process they still are murderers that’s why they end up in jail. There have been plenty of people who have bashed someone’s head with a bar hell you can do it. Its called blunt force trauma and they can be plenty of names as well like crazy, monster’s whatever. Ever watch forensic files. But Jeffery Dahmer is one of a kind. He is in the Ted Bundy Wayne Gacy conversation. A murderer is a murderer yes I agree, but a serial killer or someone who prefers to kill the way Dahmer did is not your average murderer. Your probably a biased white person who doesn’t mean any harm you just don’t understand. Talking with you is like talking to a wall. I don’t fault you for how you think I just fault you for not listening or trying to understand. What i mean by victimize the killer i mean just that when it comes to your biased way. If a cop kills someone unarmed you defend the cop by arguing the person killed had a record or ran which is irrelevant. You deflect when its talking about someone you are comfortable with and talk about the other person who you cant really identify with. That’s what i mean by that. If you look at my original comment you will see I never brought up what they did I simply said they are not the same its ABSURD.

          • Paige

            You keep telling me about myself as if you know anything about me from a few posts on an article. You say I am some biased white person…assumption. How do you know if I am white or not? You dont. What because the name Paige isnt black enough for you? Racist much? No, I am not a person who rationalizes that a cop can kill someone unarmed for running…another assumption. A cop has NO right to kill anyone unless his life is in danger.. IE someone is shooting at him. You know what they say about assuming dont you? Did Dahmer kill more people? Yes. Did Ted Bundy kill more people? Yes. Did Gacy kill more people? Yes. Did Ramirez kill more people? Yes…know what the key phrase in those sentences are??? KILL PEOPLE. They are no different than any other murderer EXCEPT that they killed more. You can twist it up and rationalize all day..” Ohhh but he ONLY killed 3 people” or “well he didnt eat his victims” At the end of the day…murder is murder. Death is death. There is no rationalizing the mind of madmen. They are ALL mad. Im sorry you feel its like talking to a wall…sorry that I wont shift my opinions to suit you. I am not asking you for permission to have my own views. I dont even care if you agree with me. Personally I think its ABSURD that you can put 2 killers in a room and rationalize that one is less offensive than the other because they didnt kill in the same fashion.

          • That RealShepp

            I know you are because the way you talk. Not your damn name. You just tried to say all murderer’s are the same. They are not all the same! There is a reason why you can watch a documentary of Dahmer, Gacy, Ramirez. Its because they are unique. There really is no comparison other than the fact that they killed. Unfortunately you can put 2 killer’s in the same room and say that one is not as crazy as the other it’s just reality. I know someone who shot someone out of passion never harmed anyone fell in love lost it and went and shot the man who his women was cheating on him with. He is a murderer but a Jeffery Dahmer no. They are not all the same. That prosecutor mindset you have is what destroys peoples lives in the justice system who can be rehabilitated or get sentences way to harsh and don’t deserve. Not all people are the same no 1 person is the same. That’s what you are saying. Because one sells a gram of weed they are not the same as a person who is selling kilo’s of cocaine. A drug dealer is a drug dealer huh? That’s it and that’s all there is to it. No it’s a little more to it than that. The way you put it is there should be no degree’s of murder. A murderer is a murderer right. Shut your ignorance up. These prisons are filled up with murderers but not too many are in the same sentence as Dahmer PERIOD.

          • Paige

            Because of the way I talk? First of all, Im not talking, Im typing. Second of all…racist much? You dont know me, lets not play the game that you think you do. Ok? Ohhhh got cha! So because I said all murders are the same I must be white! Cant get nothing past you! Ha! The reason you can watch a documentary about Ramirez, Gacy, Dahmer because the media sensationalized their cases because of the amount of people they killed. I hate to be the one to burst your bubble but your friend Is still a murderer. It doesnt really matter WHY he did it…are you trying to say because she was cheating it was excusable??? The point is…when angered he was capable of killing someone. Most people in life have been cheated on at one point or another…but it doesnt prompt them into killing someone. There was something wrong in his head that he couldnt be moved to murder when angered. Sorry…I dont need him rehabilitated and put on the street…what happens when someone else cheats on him? Is it ok that he kill again? Whats to stop him? Nothing stopped him the first time he took a life. Try and grasp this..something that most Americans have forgotten…Prison is NOT to rehabilitate… its for PUNISHMENT. Period. If you have a non violent offender that CAN be rehabilitated…great! But thats not apart of the deal. Prison is for punishment…look it up. I am not saying that all people are the same…but there is something fundamentally wrong within the mind of a killer that is not like the rest of us. We are NOT talking about drug dealers… thats apples and oranges. One is a NON violent crime and the other IS a violent crime. Stop trying to bring other factors into the equation that dont belong here. Your trying to make a point about MURDERS so to try and prove your point you bring up drug dealers??? Thats the equivalent of running away haha! I dont need to shut anything up…dont get angry because you cant make a point with the topic at hand. Why dont you look up the stats on murders who are released and kill again. Or better yet, how many prison murders there for throughout the country. I think its all sunshine and lollipops that you think if someone just kills a few people they should be released back into society because they only killed a few. I wonder what your take on it would be if they moved next door to you.

          • That RealShepp

            Don’t act like you perfect. Shit never say never because as much as I know I’m not a killer i also know I can kill someone and you can too. While you talking I have several people I know who have been to prison and never went back. I shake a killer’s hand everyday that has done 19 years for a murder and is a better person. He took his punishment. I’m not running from anything. The person im talking about will never see freedom unless parole is eligible to him. Yes because you said murderers are all the same yes that tends to be most of the white people saying especially when a black person is involved. This just so happens to be a black person who killed white Dahmer now all killer’s are the same when we all know that is not true. Thats why there is different degree’s of murder. That’s why some people get life and some other’s don’t for the same charge which is murder. That’s why i know murderer’s that are free. I don’t give a damn if a murderer moves next door they bleed just like I bleed and can be killed just like I can. I bring up a drug dealer because why not you don’t seem to get that there are still differences in the same offense. If a man is raping my niece or molesting my kid and I see him doing oh yes I will be a murderer right then. You want to know something though I am not the same as Dahmer and other murderers. What do you call the sniper is he a murderer. Or know he actually is a hero and a movie made about him.

          • That RealShepp

            And i never said he wasn’t a murderer i said he is not a Jeffery Dahmer again read what I say.

          • Paige

            Nowhere in my post did I say I am perfect. I think the problem between our different ways of thinking is because you keep time with criminals…and I dont. I’m above all that nonsense. So far, you know somone who killed out of passion ( Last I checked passion and kill dont belong together) another man who killed and did 19, and “several” others who have done time. Maybe you should stop keeping time with criminals. Someone who defends criminal behaviour usually interacts with shady people. Just saying. You said…” I don’t give a damn if a murderer moves next door they bleed just like I bleed and can be killed just like I can.” You have a warped sense of thinking. Your idea is…let them out its fine…and if they strike again..ehh I’ll just kill em. Normal. Because I said all murders are the same, thats a white person thing to say? That makes no sense! I say all murders are the same because they all took a life! Again your bringing up Military …apples and oranges. When you cant make your point…you bring up things that dont belong. Argue your point and keep it on point. Here is my suggestion….clean up your circle and maybe you will see things differently.

          • That RealShepp

            I don’t need to have been around criminals for me to think this way i do just me being me and what i go through in my life. There’s nothing wrong with my circle I can care less what you say or think. You don’t know me or the people i know. Yes that white shit where if you do something wrong in this white america especially if your black we will keep them destroyed so they can’t come back. How is it apples to oranges when you’re are arguing that if you killed someone you are the same. But your sniper who kills is i’m sure a good person because he killed for the white reason’s which is white so there always right. All my people are good haven’t been in trouble again. Took there punishment You sound like the people on the news station who criminalize you once they know you smoke weed. I ain’t defending any criminal behavior because a crime is a crime but like I been saying you cant generalize all people period. Kill doesn’t match with passion yet there are cases where people have been let go over it. If it don’t make you feel good then its wrong that’s how a lot of minds are and i’m sorry for that. But everyone is different and you have to be able to understand that sorry. Not just to what fits the white mind. Jeffery Dahmer was nasty, crazy and nothing could have helped him he said it his self. Scarver is not the same as him other than than they took lives.

          • Paige

            I suppose you dont like it when people act like they know you from a few posts you’ve made? Again…interesting. You’re just full of one sidedness arent you. While I agree that racism is a problem in todays world…and always has been…probably always will be too, I dont agree that anything I said was “white” . Once again…your ASSUMING you know what my race is from a few posts I’ve made. Ok let me break this down…your saying if a sniper kills its because of WHITE reasons? haha! Thats insane! First of all if someone is in the Military its for MILITARY reasons…not white or black reasons. Have you forgotten our Leader is a man of Color and NOT some white guy? Who do you think our Military is under??? OUR LEADER! But its not about that either!! Its about it being MILITARY. I’m feeling more and more sorry for you by the post. Your mind is so twisted up with racial issues you cant see past your nose. Everything is a Black thing or a White thing. Again, while I agree racism is a problem and always have been…your trying to make it sounds like EVERYTHING is about it. A black person killed Dahmer so its about race! Snipers in the Military are doing it for white causes! Thats a crazy way to think. AGAIN, your bringing up drugs…why? What do drugs have to do with THIS post?? You say I sound like someone criminalizing weed on the news…how do you figure, since I said this post isnt about drugs lets not discuss that. And once more your talking about the white mind…this isnt about a white mind, or a black mind, or an asian mind or an indian mind..its about a KILLERS mind. Dahmer was crazy, nasty and nothing could have helped him…AGREED! But Scarver, killed his boss, went to prison and killed 2 more…nasty, crazy and nothing could have helped him either. FACT. If anything could have helped him…he wouldnt have gone on to kill 2 more. Some people cant be helped…and its not about their race its about their diseased mind.

          • That RealShepp

            For one the president is only one man. He is not the end all be all just because he is the president. My response to you is what it was originally. Seems to me like you took offense to someone calling Dahmer a monster a twisted white folk, for taking homosexual life etc. You felt the need to respond by saying Scarver being just as bad that’s fine. But lets be clear a murderer is a murderer but a cannibal murderer is a lot different then just a murderer. Also the thoughts that Dahmer had aren’t of your average murderer. The reason I believe the white shit is because when the man post something about white folk terrorist, Dahmer being sick and taking innocent lives and baltimore looting. Your response is all about the person who killed him as if that’s a defense. Then to say they are the same I disagree and I think a lot of people would say the same that they are not the same. Prison murders are common. Eating peoples organs not so much. I have a hard time believing that you truly think all people who murdered someone is the same.

          • Paige

            You’re right, he is one man, but we have many. Condalisa Rice, Colin Powell, Alvin Brown, Michael Coleman, James Perkins Jr. I could go on….I take NO offence to you or anyone else calling Dahmer a twister monster, white folk. Its a FACT. He is. Why would I take offence to that? Yes Dahmer took homosexual life…but he was also homosexual. So we cant say thats why he did what he did. Scarver is just as bad in my opinion. Sorry but thats how I see it. BOTH took the lives of other people. You can make anything you want “clear” As I said earlier the true definition of a serial killer is someone who takes the lives of 3 or more people within the span on a month. Its not about what the killer did AFTER the person was dead…its about them KILLING people. So you say the thoughts that Dahmer had arent that of the average killer?? The average killer doesnt have the same thoughts as a normal person. So you’re saying its NORMAL to think…hrmm Im gonna go pop this MF off, for the hell of it? Thats NOT normal. So the mind is a killer, is not normal anyway. NO…my response wasnt just about the killing. My response was also about the looting and rioting that is taking place in MY city. I am ALL for peaceful protest. I am AGAINST those that killed Freddie Grey. I am against those that kill other unarmed people of ANY color. Something has to give. We need to stand up and protest, we need to come together and make our voices heard…but looting a cvs ISNT changing anything. Burning down an old folks home isnt solving the problem…its creating one. Who do you think has to live in the rubble after all is said and done? And let me tell you something..Baltimore city was already in a rubble. So if they didnt care enough to fix it before this…what makes you think they will fix it after this??? This post isnt about race…its about 2 deranged people, that did deranged things. It wouldnt have matter to me one bit if the man that killed Dahmer was white, asian, indian… the point is…they are both sick. Prison murders are common, you’re right, eating people isnt. But its just as sick to bash someones skull in, or slice their throat and watch them bleed out, or raping and then strangling someone. Sorry its all sick. I absolutely believe that if you take someones life…you are a twisted, sick, mess of a monster. The ONLY time I would say it isnt the same is if your life was in danger and the only way to save yourself is to kill someone. For instance…if one of Dahmers victims would have killed him…thats a MUCH different, type of killing. Thats someone surviving. And to be honest with you…if you look at any studies of those who have had to kill to save their lives…they often times say that they are haunted by it and have a hard time dealing with it. Monsters dont have that.

          • That RealShepp

            Well i respectively disagree with your opinion on them being the same but you have the right to feel that way. The reason i felt you didnt like what was said was because the point that was trying to be made wasnt about Dahmer or scarver i believed it was about something to do with the looting. Now when i say the focus about looting, riots, and the burning does not need to be focused on rather than the real issue at hand. No one is defending it or saying it isnt bad just saying that their is something more important behind it that should be talked about. And i understand you believe no1 should kill no matter what unless their lives are endanger or whatever. Yes it is 2 crazy people who killed people. But when you are in prison for a life sentence of course idk how the mind is but i can imagine one can start to not give damn about another person life a bit easier than if they were getting out going home. I believe that as well they are haunted by it because they are not killers.

          • Paige

            I agree to disagree… I just feel that there is never a need to take another life, unless yours is in danger. I feel strongly about it. But thats my opinion…I realize you may never see my point of view. As for the looting and rioting, yes it is about a MUCH bigger problem. Much bigger. Things have been bad for too long and are only getting worse. It needs to be talked about you’re right. Like I said we need to stand together and say NO MORE, enough is enough! But rioting and looting wont fix it. MLK did not change things by looting a cvs, he changed things by standing strong, giving people a voice and saying no more. He did what he could for the time he had…more needs done. Thats up to us as a society. WE have to demand change. BUT I also firmly believe we have to do it the right way. No one wants to listen to people looting stores…gather together…get word out..march to washington…demand change…set it in motion…thats when we will SEE it…I hope anyway. Either way…believe it or not…we had a nice little debate between us…we may have to agree to disagree…but at least we calmly stated out beliefs without name calling. Not so bad 🙂

          • That RealShepp

            I agree to disagree as well. I agree with everything you are saying about what we need to do get better. I see your point of view on taking another life and respect it. I believe the same as far as the looting it is horrible and gets us nowhere. It was a nice little debate. Yes it wasn’t so bad lol. Alright cool 🙂

          • Caleb Miller

            “but like I been saying you cant generalize all people period.” This is what you said…… aren’t you generalizing white people? You did type 4 racial slurs in that comment. All directed towards whites.

          • That RealShepp

            What racial slur? I don’t generalize all people. And yes what i said for the most part is what you hear from white people or priviledged people.

          • Amanda T Le

            im a criminology major, and there has yet to be a case like dahmer’s. dahmer is a kind of his own, he didn’t even grow up in a broken home. his thoughts were consumed with seeing people inside out, and playing with people’s pumping guts when he reached his adolescence. dahmer is as sick as it gets. now, you’re comparing this person, who has thoughts about having sex with dead people as much as other think about sex in general, to someone who needed money for whatever the fuck and killed someone who was most likely defending himself by threatening the threatener, shit like this escalates, and someone is killed. I keep getting inclined to respond to your novels with a novel of my own because you, miss, overgeneralize hardcore. just because someone took someone’s life, does not make them a monster. you would have to know their heads first to know what’s really going on in there.

          • Paige

            Something tells me you would change your tune if someone killed your mother, sister, child ect… I bet the first thing out of your mouth would be ” He/She is a monster! And you’d be right. Are there cases of people who accidentally kill someone? Yes. But we are talking about someone who sets his or her intentions on harming someone/killing them. They my dear…regardless of HOW they do it, are no less a monster or an animal that JD. People want to spin it and make worse, because of the way he killed them…when you set out to harm or kill you are a monster.

          • Caleb Miller

            Racism works both ways.”Your probably a biased white person who doesn’t mean any harm you just don’t understand.”….. seriously? I think you are missing her point. Has nothing to do with race. The way I look at it is, straight up, does it matter how someone kills another, Or what they do after? In all honesty murder is murder. And you, or I, do not know, he could have been, or become a serial killer, and just didnt get away with it as long as Dahmer did.

          • That RealShepp

            Well he didn’t. So we go off of what we know. I believe it does have something to do with race. Why we spending time talking about him. There is nothing that really comes close to Dahmer. If you look at reports when he got to prison he not only taunted a lot of inmates but he still made light of what he did in his murders. He made body parts out of the food and the guards were reportedly plotting on getting him killed. Molesters sicc people are targets in prison. Him being killed no matter how he was killed shouldn’t be a surprise.

          • Amanda T Le

            yeahhh cause all robbers who have killed a person has become serial killers. I’m pretty damn sure there is no case in this country in which this happened.

          • Amanda T Le

            paige, I’m just going to ask you this. do you know why he decided to steal from his boss? do you know anything about his intentions, his situations to make him do it? when robbers are robbing, their goal really isn’t to kill, it’s the money. things probably escalated. so, let me ask you another question, if a mother kills her husband for molesting her daughter, is she a monster for taking a life? we don’t know any of the details of that case. That RealShepp has really valid points. just stop arguing with him and let it be.

          • Paige

            I dont need to know what his motive was. See the bottom line is…He did kill his boss, and the FACT that he went to prison and killed TWO more, tells me it wasnt about the robbery. Hes sick and a murderer. Realshepp and I agreed to disagree… he had valid points. Doesnt mean I cant stand behind mine.

          • Jodie

            and rioting

          • Paige

            Rioting never helps any situation. Ever.

    • Angie


    • Linda Suzanne

      Why do you keep pointing out the “whiteness” of the people involved? Black people commit crimes like this as well. SMH

  • ravenmom1

    He did the human race a favor, in my opinion.

    • Isius MONTELL

      We might say the same thing when your day comes up … The demon loves people who say such evil things … Amen

  • Ted Smith


    • Gina Marie

      Irregardless of killing Dahmer…..he killed to men with his bare hands, and his boss. Thank you but, you’re in jail forever my friend.

    • Angie

      Opinions are like @$$holes……..

  • Splum

    An editor is your friend. Correct the errors.

  • Robert Esquibel

    This man deserves a medal for killing that POS!

  • James

    Having been inbjail my self I can say first hand there is little the guards don’t know and they totally knew what would happen guards used to tell use when a pedifile would come on our range an what they did and leave and we would deal true justice to them most of the time it was only a sever beating or many beatings however sometimes it was bad enough that the person died and the guards would wait till it was done before coming not once did the interview just the way it is in jail.

  • KillitWithFire

    Great topic written about by a 12 year old!

  • Will Jones

    The priest(s) who molested Dahmer, to turn him into a monster, should share his punishment.

    • Amanda T Le

      no priests ever molested him

      • When did he make that specious claim in your presence, papist?

        • Amanda T Le

          where did you get your information ? I’ve done a report on Dahmer and researched on his life for a 10 page essay. not once did I ever see that he was even in catholic school….?

          • The satanic dysfunction is passed down through families: his German father attended Marquette University in the Sixties, a Roman Catholic school, and Jeffrey, a homosexual, had to have been molested as a child. The molested molest, barring discipline and a turning away from Satan.

          • Amanda T Le

            because he is homosexual, he had to be molested as a child? the molested molest? are you serious rn? careful w/ your statements my friend.

          • It is molestation, rape, and abuse which engenders homosexuality.

          • 1gadawg

            You’re arguing against a certified bigot who only believes in his psychotic view of his hatred of anyone that is not of what he believes to be his version of Christian. Notice he called you a papist right of the bat? Then used Dahmer’s dad’s school of education as a reason to rail against your view point, this is the way he works. He will soon be on here calling me a Papist, non-American (my family has been here since the early 1700’s) and I served 6 yrs in the military, but that doesn’t matter because it doesn’t fit his agenda.

        • Amanda T Le

          and why are you calling me names? are you 13? I’m not in any way religious, but um, good one?

          • You weren’t raised in a Roman Catholic family?

          • Amanda T Le

            no lol

          • Not of Vietnamese extraction?

  • Heather Erickson

    Dahmer may have deserved to die, but it’s not up to prison guards to decide that.

    • Bobby Brown

      Dahmer killed to many ppl so whos to say if some of the guards was nt related to the victims

      • Jodie


    • Jodie

      Agree, but it’s NOT up to other INMATES(CRIMINALS) EITHER.
      they’RE criminals THEMSELVES!

  • Chamaine Parr

    Dahmer didn’t deserve to die. Such beauty wasted.

    • TLeah

      Hahaha XD

  • Tom Mack

    This is one of the reasons states should continue to have the death penalty. With everything that Jeffrey Dahmer did, he should have received the death penalty, not live on the taxpayer dime for years on end. In many ways, the staff leaving them alone was akin to giving Dahmer the death penalty. I have heard that Mr. Dahmer’s end was a lot more grusome them what was reported here.

    • Emily Heinzl

      It was much different than what was falsely reported here.

    • Tori Miller

      If anything, I think this is the reason why we should NOT have the death penalty. It costs the taxpayers a lot of money to put somebody to death, with all the appeals and whatnot. But look at what prison justice can do? No appeals paid for by the taxpayers, and bonus, we aren’t paying for him to live in prison, either!

      • Jodie

        Prison inmates are NOT judge jury and executioner. LOOK AT WHERE THEY’RE AT!

    • Robert Jory

      Executing someone costs a lot more taxpayer money than them serving a life sentence. People on death row usually stay there for 10-20 years while the state spends mountains of money in court to get them executed. Better to have them serve life with no parole.

    • Jodie

      The prison INMATE killed dahlmer! It’s not his place to kill him. Who made a CRIMINAL judge,jury and executioner??

      • Tom Mack

        @Jodie — While I agree with you that it was not the prison inmate’s place to kill Jeffrey Dahmer, prisons have their own justice system and we on the outside, don’t understand its inner workings (and never will until we are on the inside). I still feel that Jeffrey Dahmer should have been executed for his crimes. We can “feel good” about keeping him alive and trying to reform him, but the honest reality is that he was never going to change and execution is his only real cure.

  • john mc

    The staff wanted this.. The other guy had killed his wife by stabbing her 50 times and other sick shit. I don’t buy Dahmer taunting other prisoners. That comes out all of a sudden. A certain amount of money showed up on in the guy that killed dahmers canteen account, it was a rather large amount for someone who NEVER had money to spend in prison. Curiouser and curiouser,

    • Maureen Weiher

      Where did you get the idea Jesse stabbed his wife “50 times” and more? Watch it…..some people who were there at Northridge that day are reading these.

      • john mc

        If you read anything about the crime, you would know that the person killed with Dahmer was a freak too. Kill two birds with one stone is what they probably thought. Who cares who reads this. I am only talking about the other dead guy. All the info on this can be found in two seconds search. It’s very enlightening.

      • john mc

        Jesse claimed two black men killed his wife after stabbing her in the face and body. Why should I watch myself. I live in a stand my ground state. Lol

        • Julie Wexler

          Well by your own link, it says he stabbed her 5 times, not 50. Though I don’t know why Mureen is getting her panties in a twist over it. It’s not like you’re slandering someone’s good name. Sheesh.

          • john mc

            I know. I caught my error afterwards. Maureen was telling me too watch out and it was weird.

      • john mc

        You serious bro?

  • Glenn Harman

    Scarver murdered Dhamer much like Emily Kaiser is killing the English language…

  • axwell23

    Every Time crimefeed with you
    ————— SEE MORE INFO<—– <<<<

    • Emily Heinzl

      Spread your spam somewhere else, grow up and get a real job!!!

  • jay

    I have been doing time since I was 11 yrs old , I am now 38, and I can say that while I was locked up, I did my fare share of smashing on child killers and molesters. But to me , they deserved all that happens to them. And being in Texas prisons, u either try to kill them or someone else will.

  • Emily Heinzl

    This is complete bs! I live in Wisconsin, very close to the prison where Dahmer was held and am very close with someone who worked at the prison in Portage where Dahmer loved out his last days. He worked there until retiring in the early 2000s and I spoke with him about Dahmer on a few occassions. This bs article could not be further from the truth!!!!! He said Dahmer was bludgeoned with a broken broomstick (to which there are records). He was also extremely quiet and well mannered. He did not do any out of the ordinary crap with his food. He was happy to be locked up because the monster he was scared him and he knew he could not be that person anymore behind bars.
    Get your facts straight before posting articles like this!!!!

    • Emily Heinzl


  • Shawna Phd

    No matter how I put it. No human on this Earth is better than the next. Because you will bleed out, feel pain, and have emotions just like me. Thank you

  • Lena Campbell

    Im sorry but Dahmer deserved it, he took all those lives with no remorse.

  • Tanganyika Richardson

    My ex boyfriend was there in the riot when dahmer was killed the stories are true the only part thats not true is dahmer never teased scarver nor did Anderson, the guards wanted him dead premeditated and his hair. Cut is fucked up he must be a bitch in jail

  • Jume1932

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  • Richard Jones

    A little copy editing goes a long way…

  • Jara Matthews

    This is BULLSHIT.
    And they did a tremendous disservice to humanity.
    The thing about Dahmer is that he was an intelligent, compassionate, caring man, who went to great lengths to help humanity try to understand why he did what he did so we can prevent others. He strived to understand himself.
    He spoke very matter of factly about things some found so disturbing that they mistook that as unremorseful. He was extremely remorseful and he sincerely tried to help the world benefit from his madness to save others.
    If he were alive today, being 20 years removed from it, he could provide us with insights that could save lives.
    The men responsible for his death ARE MURDERERS and are JUST AS BAD AS HIM and are ESPECIALLY horrible because they prevented us from learning wisdoms that could save countless lives.
    They tell themselves he deserved it.
    That they did the world a favor.
    Really, they just used his image as a killer to justify their own desire to kill.

    Jeffrey Dahmer was a sick man, but he was a smart man and he opened his entire life up in ways FEW WOULD in hopes of humanity benefitting. He made his deepest, darkest inner torments public information. How many of you would do that?
    I DONT KNOW WHAT DEAL they offered this guy, but it is all lies.
    Dahmer was sodomized with a broom, while alive and suffered internal injuries. He was tortured to death.
    whether he deserved it or not is irrelevent.

    what kind of monsters were the men who did it? No matter what the reasons, it takes a special kind of sick to beat and rape a man with a broom stick.

    • Jackie J Jones

      You make some truly interesting points, but I believe Dahmer’s final mistake was asking for general compassion from everyone around him. That was… unrealistic, to say the least. He should only have hoped and asked for protection from brutal torture, and made clear that he asked for nothing more. If he’d even agreed that he deserved the death penalty, and allowed them to study him intensively before he died – in exchange for serious protection – his end might have been different.

  • devid mera yar

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  • mian2222

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  • Reyna

    Okay. I was reading the comments and something really kind of disgusted me… Why does everything have to be about black and white?? Race doesn’t mean crap in this situation!! A murderer is a murderer regardless of the color of their skin. Yes, there is a difference in their m.o. but either way, no matter What, they took a life ! And whether you want to face it or not, there are people in this world that are beyond rehabilitation. They’re sick and demented and no therapy in this world can ” change ” them. And before someone has some smartass comment about this let me state that by no means did I say that no person can be rehabilitated. But as far as murder goes, who’s to say that the next person who ticks them off won’t end up 6 feet under?? Js. The point is, it’s so ignorant to play the race card when it’s not about race at all. I believe that people should be treated as equals regardless of race or gender or whatever. If I killed someone I deserve punishment Same as someone else who takes a life that isn’t theirs to take..

    • Jodie

      Yes,if you killed people then you deserve the same BUT THE JURY should decide and not another criminal.

    • msxmargo .

      When first happened it was reported as having everything to do w race- Jeffery had murdered people of color and it was reported that was why this guy killed both of them-I forgot what the other inmate had did

  • Alicia Weekes-Johnson

    I thought the official report said Dahmer was beaten to death with a mop handle

  • JAI808

    What a bunch of idiots on this comment section…
    Like seriously, you are concerned about spending tax payers money for an execution of a serial killer? You must be by far the most unintelligent people on the planet. If you really want to save tax payers money look for other useless expenses to be cut.
    I can’t believe that you would prefer that human fece to be breathing and eating everyday, all the while he murdered 17 people.
    You disgust me almost as him. Ignorants.

  • JAI808

    Good job Christopher Scarver!! You did humanity a favor! You actually deserve a medal for killing that monster.

  • Swisherhouse

    i heard it was a broomstick up the old out door

  • toemasie .

    The Milwaukee police murdered him. They gave back Konerak Sinthasomphone to Dahmer. Later, they got in trouble for their comments,”two f*gs having a lover’s quarrel.”

    That comment and their actions made them look bad. In revenge, they hired Scarver.

    Whenever there’s murder. Whenever there’s drugs… in PRISON. Look to government. They’re the cause.

  • Phil Klostermen

    Dahmer reminds me of Obama. A deadly queer

  • Martha Bartha

    He killed em cause most of his victims were black. He liked that dark meat. Plus he was Gay.

  • Greg Maxwell

    It kind of explains why…..

  • zookeeper216

    Christopher Scarver was a crazy murderer who killed three people. Two in prison and another man he robbed. To bad he’s not dead too.