Mother-Daughter Murder-Suicide “May Have Been Staged,” May Be Double Murder

Helen Hargan and Pamela Hargan [WTVR (screenshot)]Helen Hargan and Pamela Hargan [WTVR (screenshot)]

MCLEAN, VA — Virginia police say that a mother and daughter found dead in McLean in July may be the victims of a double murder — and not a murder-suicide.

Fairfax County police initially suspected that Helen Hargan, 23, had shot her mother Pamela Hargan, 63, and then turned the gun on herself.

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But according to WUSA 9, a newly unsealed search warrant stated the investigation has “revealed that the scene may have been altered and staged.”

The warrant also said that there were attempted “fraudulent” wire transfers from the mother’s accounts and that one was allegedly sent the day after her death. The warrant stated that the transfers “were attempted by Megan Hargan who is another daughter of Pamela Hargan.”

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Police have not named a suspect in the case, but they have stated that the investigation remains “very active.”

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Main photo: Helen Hargan and Pamela Hargan [WTVR (screenshot)]

  • dina

    there is your killer the other daughter

  • Martha Bartha

    Oh Dear!

  • Megan Hargan you say? It makes sense, greedy “other” daughter wanting a major $$$ payout.

  • Morgan

    Megan obviously killed her mother and sister. Lowlife who didn’t make her own money. Needed to support her daughter. Tried getting money, Mom refused. Tried wiring herself. Didn’t work. Got frustrated. Boom boom. Psychopath