O.J. Simpson Kicked Out Of Las Vegas Club After Allegedly Getting Drunk & Disruptive

O.J. Simpson [Las Vegas Metropolitan Police]

LAS VEGAS, NV — O.J. Simpson was kicked out of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas Wednesday night by security after allegedly getting drunk and disruptive — and, since then, his attorney has since come out fighting on Twitter.

TMZ reported that at around midnight on Wednesday, Simpson was intoxicated and belligerent at the Clique bar.

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Simpson, who is living in a $1.8 million home in Vegas, has reportedly been coming to the hotel since his release from prison.

The former football star, who was controversially acquitted of murdering his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman in 1995, allegedly became angry at staff during the incident — and glasses were broken.

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Security guards responded to the incident and removed Simpson from the hotel.

The Cosmopolitan hotel slapped him with a permanent ban from the premises. “The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas … has exercised its right pursuant to Nevada law to issue a trespass notice,” Simpson’s attorney Malcolm LaVergne told the Associated Press.

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LaVergne confirmed that Simpson had been banned fro the Cosmopolitan and said that his client admitted that he had been drinking, which he is allowed to do under the terms of his parole conditions. But he said that Simpson categorically denied allegations of breaking glass or being disruptive.

And LaVergne did not stop there: He also took to social media to hit back at TMZ, and in a series of tweets he raged against a “soulless” Harvey Levin, his “slave labor” reporters, and the Goldman foundation, which he labeled a “sham.”

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Main photo: O.J. Simpson [Las Vegas Metropolitan Police]

  • Camilla Carson Myers

    He will continue to be a nuecence to society. He will continue to be in the news. For heavens sake lock him up before he kills someone else.

    • ryan883

      And what would you suggest we lock him up for?

      • lukewarmester

        For being a nuecence to society lol

        • Marilyn Berry

          “nuisance” And it was determined, he was not drunk or on drugs. He just wasn’t welcomed in that establishment. See how people believe lies!

          • Cathy Gregory

            His lawyers statement says he admitted to drinking… And After not drinking for so many years how can u guarantee he wasn’t drunk? At that point it would only take very little to get someone drunk.

          • Martha Bartha

            Why? Cause he’s black? No Justice, No Peace!

    • Nicole

      Unfortunately you can’t lock someone up just because you think they’re annoying.

  • Miller Sands

    Countdown to Parole Violation begin now:

  • acs1123

    It’s hard for me to believe that he didn’t violate terms of his probation with this episode. I would love to see him stuck back in prison. He’s a murderer.

  • Mike Spenser

    I was under the impression that those on parole and probation were not allowed to consume alcohol. I guess the Juice won’t be loose much longer.

  • Nancy Baer

    Sad that peoples lives are so boring that they can’t let go of the PAST. A jury found O.J. NOT GUILTY…whether YOU like it or not!