Date From Hell: “Russian Hannibal Lecter” Ate Victim’s Nose And Ears

Photos of victim Irina Gonchar's injuries [Police handout]

KURGAN, RUSSIA — A man the media has nicknamed the “Russian Hannibal Lecter” left a dinner date horrifically disfigured after biting off her ears, nose, and fingertips — and, shockingly, Russian police have released him on bail.

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Anatoliy Ezhkov invited Irina Gonchar, a 41-year-old nurse, to his hostel in Kurgan, central Russia, to a romantic meal after meeting her online.

After plying his victim with alcohol, Ezhkov allegedly savagely beat her before tying her up with a cord and biting chunks of flesh from her ears, nose, and fingertips while she screamed for mercy.

Photo of Irina Gonchar’s injuries [Police handout]

After the victim had been tortured for hours, neighbors called police, according to

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Officers arrived at the blood-soaked scene and arrested Ezhkov.

Gonchar was rushed to hospital with horrific wounds all over her body and a fractured rib.

Investigators said that Ezhkov, 45, had also tried to strangle Gonchar — and that they believe that he was high on drugs during the attack.

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Family members of Gonchar have told the media that they are shocked that Ezhkov was released ahead of his court date, and terrified that he will try to attack his victim again.

A Russian police spokesman confirmed that the incident took place — but, so far, authorities have declined to comment on whether or not Ezhkov has been released from custody.

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Main photo: Photos of victim Irina Gonchar’s injuries [Police handout]



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