Submarine Inventor Confesses To Dismembering Kim Van Der Wall

Kim Wall [Jezebel (screenshot)]

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK — The inventor accused of killing a Swedish journalist on his homemade submarine in Denmark has admitted to authorities that he dismembered her body, according to police.

Peter Madsen continues to deny that he murdered 30-year-old Kim van der Wall.

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Wall boarded the UC3 Nautilus submarine in Copenhagen on August 10 to interview Madsen, but the submarine sank and Wall went missing.

Her headless torso washed up on August 21 on an island near Copenhagen, and investigators found more dismembered remains in October.

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Police say Madsen has changed his version of events about how Wall died – and now claims that she succumbed to carbon-monoxide poisoning.

Madsen had initially claimed that she died when a submarine hatch cover hit her on the head.

The Danish inventor volunteered today to remain in jail until November 15.

Madsen, 46, has been charge with manslaughter in connection with Wall’s death, which he denies, but has pleaded guilty to indecent handling of a corpse.

He has been in jail since August 12.

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Madsen has also denied the newest charge of “other sexual acts than intercourse under particularly aggravating circumstances.

This charge was based on Wall’s autopsy, which reportedly showed that the journalist had 14 stab wounds to her genitals.

Madsen’s trial is set to start on March 8.

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Main photo: Kim van der Wall [BBC Newsnight / YouTube (screenshot)]



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