Suspect In 2 New York Cold Case Murders Is Caught In Florida After Traffic Stop

Christopher Gonzalez [Collier County Sheriff's Office]

NAPLES, FL — A man has been arrested in Florida in connection with the unsolved cold case murders of two young women who were strangled to death in New York.

Police have charged Christopher Gonzalez, a 36-year-old former New York resident who is now married and working for Toys “R” Us in Naples, Florida — with second-degree murder.

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Investigators say that Gonzalez’s fingerprint, which was taken after a traffic stop, was a match to DNA evidence taken from the two unsolved crime scenes.

On December 2, 2000, the nude body of 19-year-old Dora Delvalle Almontaser was found in her family’s Bronx apartment.

The teen had been strangled to death with a phone cord. Bodily fluids were recovered from the young victim, and a fingerprint was left behind. The evidence did not lead to any matches in the system, however.

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In 2005, state police found the body of Angel Serbay, a 25-year-old Yonkers woman, wrapped in a blanket and dumped on the shoulder of the northbound Sprain Brook Parkway. She had also been strangled — and forensic tests showed that samples from the crime scene contained the same, unknown DNA profile that was taken from Dora Delvalle Almontaser.

For years, the cases remained cold, and police were not able to identify a suspect.

Until earlier this year, when investigators with NYPD Bronx Homicide decided to resubmit a fingerprint taken Almontaser’s murder scene — and learned that the print was a match to Gonzalez, who had been pulled over in April 2017 by the Collier County Sheriff’s Office for driving with a suspended license.

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After paying the $500 bond, Gonzalez was freed — until the NYPD identified him as a suspect.

Gonzalez has been served with a murder warrant for the killing of Dora Delvalle Almontaser — and is now fighting extradition to New York.

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Main photo: Christopher Gonzalez [Collier County Sheriff’s Office]



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