The Charli Scott Mystery — In A Minute

Main photo: Missing poster [Find Charli Scott Facebook page]

MAUI, HI — CrimeFeed has previously brought you the details of the mysterious murder of Charli Scott.

Back in 2014, the beautiful and effervescent Charli Scott vanished. It was especially worrying to her loved ones, as she was five months pregnant.

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A trail of bizarre clues confounded investigators, and the missing persons case became a homicide investigation, even though they never found a body.

Now, refresh your memory about this bizarre case with this installment of Investigation Discovery’s Mystery In A Minute!

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Main photo: Missing poster [Find Charli Scott Facebook page]

  • Brittney baker

    Your follow up video is giving out false information
    Steven C was NOT sentenced to life in prison
    He has NOT even been sentenced yet

    check your facts
    Things like this hurts her fanily and friends like me

    • LeeAnne Fontana Montes

      I was just going to say something similar.
      Thank you Brittney.