Now That He’s Dead, What Will Happen To Charles Manson’s Body?

Main photo: Charles Manson, California State Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation mugshot, 2011/WikiMedia Commons

CORCORAN, CA — Charles Manson’s body is likely to be left in state custody and cremated following his death, according to new reports.

The murderous cult leader does not appear to have relatives on file with prison officials. Despite rumors over the years that he has fathered at least one child, Manson did not list a next of kin, according to a corrections official who spoke to People. Corrections officials say that Manson was asked every year to provide information on a next of kin, and he never did.

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Manson reportedly did have a son, Charles Manson, Jr., although he never officially acknowledged him. He committed suicide in 1993. Matthew Roberts claims to to be another biological son of Manson, the product of a rape that took place at a drug-fueled orgy. Jason Freeman says he’s Manson’s grandson, the son of the late Charles Manson, Jr. But, none of these men were ever recorded as official kin on prison documents.

Manson, 83, died on Sunday night at a Kern County, California, hospital of natural causes, according to a spokeswoman for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

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Under California law, Manson’s next of kin has 10 days — or until November 29 — to either decline or take possession of the body.

If the body is unclaimed for 10 days, the prison has the option to bury or cremate Manson — and there will reportedly be no autopsy on his body. Prison officials plan to opt for cremation, according to TMZ.

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Remember when Manson was engaged to Star Burton? Despite her claims that she was in love with the much older madman, some say their marriage plans fell apart when he learned that she only wanted to wed so that after his death she could claim his body and then display his corpse in a glass crypt for profit.

The charismatic cult leader became a symbol of evil after his role in the deaths of nine people, including the actress Sharon Tate, in 1969. All of the murders were carried out according to his instructions by members of his “Family” of hippie followers.

The state will also take possession of any property Manson left behind, and any funds he left will be used to cover cremation costs.

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Manson was serving nine life sentences at California’s Corcoran State Prison.

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Main photo: Charles Manson [California State Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation mug shot, 2011/WikiMedia Commons]


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