You’ll Be Thankful For This Curated List Of Streaming Thanksgiving-Themed ID Shows!


We know you’re thankful for time off work, good food, and spending time with family (well, mostly). Here’s something else to give thanks for: streamable true-crime shows to watch now, all with a Thanksgiving theme! Watch with your family, or take some much-needed me-time. All of these shows and many more are available on Investigation Discovery’s “Crimes That Take The ‘Thanks’ Out Of Thanksgiving” ID GO curated list. Watch here!

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1. Blood Relatives, “Thanksgiving Day Charade”

On Thanksgiving, police officers are sent out on a welfare check and uncover an unthinkable triple homicide. To unmask the killer, detectives must uncover a victim’s secrets and examine a hidden world of disinheritance, rage, and dark accusations.

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2. Killer Instinct With Chris Hansen, “Deadline: Thanksgiving”

Jim Madonna doesn’t have much to be grateful for on Thanksgiving. He recently lost his job. But when his son finds him shot to death, killed in his own car, all of Taunton, Massachusetts, is shocked.

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3. Murder Comes to Town, “Who Killed Thanksgiving?”

When a mother of four is found tortured and brutally murdered in her home, the people of Northport, Washington, discover that their isolation doesn’t guarantee their safety.

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4. Nightmare Next Door, “Thanksgiving Tragedy”

When Chris Mader is shot on Thanksgiving Eve, no one in his Southern Maryland town is in the mood to give thanks. But as the years pass, all investigators run into are dead ends. Finally, an unlikely informant lead police to Chris’ killer.

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5. Dead of Night, “Blood Brothers”

Corey Parker lies stabbed over 100 times early Thanksgiving day. When Jacksonville Beach police discover their lead suspect has a brother who has committed an almost identical crime, the race is on to catch a killer, and it will take spit to do it.

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