Death on the Highway: 4 Teens Charged With Murder After Throwing Sandbag From Overpass

TOLEDO, OH — Four teens have been charged with murder after a sandbag they allegedly dropped from an interstate overpass killed a passenger in a car.

Authorities say the male suspects — three 14-year-olds and a 13-year-old — threw sandbags and other objects onto the southbound lanes of Interstate 75 on December 19.

One of the bags crashed through the window of a car traveling below and hit Marquise Byrd on the head. Byrd, 22, later died from resulting injuries.

In a 911 call, the terrified driver of the car said that something had crashed into her windshield and hit her friend. Calling 911, she said:

I don’t know what happened! My friend, I don’t know what happened, he’s not moving! Something hit my car. And hit my friend. And he is not moving!

Byrd reportedly died due to severe head injuries, and the death was ruled a homicide.
Olender, deputy chief of the juvenile division of the Lucas County prosecutor’s office, said the teens hit a second car, but no one was injured in that incident.

The prosecutor has stated that she does not plan to charge the suspects, who reportedly have no criminal records, as adults. The suspects were denied bail, and prosecutors have stated that the case will likely remain in juvenile court.

The suspects have not been identified because they are minors. At a detention hearing last week, the suspects denied the allegations against them, according to The Blade.

According to Byrd’s family members, he was engaged to be married and the father of a two-year-old son.

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Main photo:  Marquise Byrd [CBS News (screenshot)]

  • Sherri Willis

    Where are their parents or more likely, guardians?!

  • Amy Smith Rupert

    “The prosecutor has stated that she does not plan to charge the suspects, who reportedly have no criminal records, as adults.”
    Of course they have no adult criminal history… they are juveniles! Too bad you cant release a juvi record. You may find that these innocent “jokesters” arent so innocent.

    • Midniterider

      I think you are miss reading it. I think it’s meant to say, “Since the juveniles don’t have any previous criminal records, they will not be tried as adults”. It’s not saying they don’t have adult criminal records. It’s saying they don’t have any criminal records at all, there fore won’t be tried as adults.

  • Niobi Rituals

    Juvenile records are not hidden or sealed. In many states, the public can view juvenile records. But even if the public doesn’t have access, the criminal justice system does. By stating that the juveniles didn’t have adult records, meant that none had committed crimes serious enough to warrant an adult charge.

    Having worked with youth for the last 20 plus years, including much hands on and traditional lessons for my degree, it is easy to make the statement that these juveniles are just that stupid/thoughtless. They quite likely have high ACEs scores and lack proper supervision and family structure. I hope that this is a life changing lesson for them. And even if they aren’t charged, that the system helps find social supports to keep them from crime.

    • akalinus

      It was life changing for the victim and family.

    • Brainhose

      It’s always sympathy for the killers with people like you, never sympathy for the families of the victims.

      • Niobi Rituals

        People like me… you don’t know me. It’s absolutely awful for that young man to die so early. For his son that will now grow up without his father. His fiancee that lost her love. It is possible to feel empathy for all involved in a case like this.

  • Jo Mama

    Dindo nuffin!

  • Martha Bartha

    Oh Dear! Gravity!