Charles Manson Died Of “Megacolon,” Attacked Doctors On His Deathbed

Charles Manson [Wikimedia Commons]Charles Manson [Wikimedia Commons]

He may be dead finally, but details continue to emerge about Charles Manson’s medical condition, his mental state, and his final days on earth.

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An eyewitness who was present inside the operating room where doctors made a last attempt to save 83-year-old Manson has revealed that the cult leader “went beserk” and fought back. As doctors tried to subdue Manson, he reportedly fought back until his dying breath. “He was clawing at his smock. Guards came flooding into the room! It was a big commotion,” the source told 

The operation was performed at Mercy Hospital in Bakersfield, California, a few days before Manson died on November 19, according to the source. He was reportedly suffering from a condition called “megacolon,” in which a person’s large intestine is swollen far beyond its normal size.

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Manson was serving nine life sentences at Corcoran prison for orchestrating a 1969 murder spree that left seven dead, including pregnant actress Sharon Tate. Though Manson was old and frail, he was reportedly still housed inside a glass room so he could be watched at all times, and guards were posted at the end of each hallway.

Meanwhile, Manson’s former prison counselor from San Quentin has revealed that he believed that Manson was not crazy — just evil. “He had the power to scare the hell outta ya,” former Prison Administrator Edward George told KRON4. “He liked the reputation of being the most evil guy in the world, the most dangerous.”

George said that even while he was in prison, Manson was manipulative. He could get George to grant him small privileges in exchange for more insight or information into how the Family functioned, for example. Although they formed a bond of sorts, Manson would also threaten to have George “butchered,” boasting that he had people on the outside who would take care of it for him.

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In his final years Manson reportedly grew obsessed with the occult — especially voodoo dolls. “He was making little dolls, like voodoo dolls, of people,” said retired Los Angeles County Prosecutor Stephen Kay. “And he would stick needles in them, hoping to injure the live person the doll was fashioned after.” Following his death, at least one of the Manson string voodoo dolls has popped up for sale on a murderabilia site.

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