Judge: Charles Manson’s Pen Pal Won’t Get Power Of Attorney, Will Dispute Rages On

Main photo: Charles Manson, California State Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation mugshot, 2011/WikiMedia Commons

BAKERSFIELD, CA – A Kern County Superior Court judge has denied a petition by Charles Manson’s pen pal to have power of attorney over Manson’s estate.

Michael Channels, who claims that he has been corresponding with Manson for more than 20 years, filed Manson’s official will last week in Kern County Court.

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But his request was reportedly denied due to pending paperwork, including a death certificate. Public health officials said that Manson’s death certificate was certified Friday. It has been redacted by the state, but is expected to be made available to the public within two weeks.

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Manson, 83 when he died, was convicted of orchestrating a string of murders in 1969 including that of the pregnant actress Sharon Tate. The cult leader died two weeks ago in a Bakersfield hospital.

Since his death, two different wills have been given to the court — and both purport to be the true wishes of the serial killer. One leaves Manson’s entire state to his alleged son Matthew Roberts (above, left), and gives him the right to arrange for Manson’s burial. The eight-page document was signed by Charles Manson on January 11 of this year, and given to the imprisoned cult leader’s friend and long time confidante Ben Gurecki.

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The second will, which was reportedly signed in 2002, left everything to murderabilia collector Channels.

Excerpt from the Michael Channels will

Excerpt from the Michael Channels will

See the full Michael Channels documents here.

Attorney Spencer Kuvin has stated that he is prepared to challenge the authenticity of the 2002 Michael Channels will  — and claims that the signature may not be genuine because it lacks a swastika mark that Manson was known to employ within his signature. The Matthew Roberts will is signed with the swastika signature, an example of which can be seen below.

This could set the stage for a long legal battle over Charles Manson’s estate and the fate of his remains.

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Main photo: Charles Manson [California State Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation mug shot, 2011/WikiMedia Commons]



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