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Holly Moore [courtesy Moore family]

The exclusively made for online viewing ID Now re-examines current true crime cases in which unanswered questions remain, and the mystery is still unraveling. You’ll hear from those closest to the victims, including family, friends, local journalists, and law enforcement. And you can watch them all right now, without even signing in!

1. DeOrr Kunz: A Toddler Vanishes

Deorr Kunz with age-progressed photo [National Center for Missing & Exploited Children]

DeOrr Kunz with age-progressed photo [National Center for Missing & Exploited Children]

A family camping trip turned tragic when two-year-old DeOrr Kunz vanished. His parents thought he was with a relative, who in turn thought the toddler was with them. But there’s been no sign of the boy since that day. Learn about the case by watching now!

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2. Dylan Redwine: Did Daddy Do It?

Mark Redwine [La Plata County Sheriff’s Office]

Mark Redwine [La Plata County Sheriff’s Office]

Dylan Redwine was only 13, but as in many divorced families, Dylan spent time with each parent. It was his dad’s turn for a court-ordered Thanksgiving 2012 visit. But the Colorado teen was soon missing, and his dad became a prime suspect. Click here to learn more!

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3. Karlyn Ramirez: Military Murder?

Karlyn Ramirez [Courtesy Photo]

Karlyn Ramirez [Courtesy Photo]

She had top security clearance from the U.S. military and was only 24 when she was found dead at home, her five-month-old daughter by her side. Who would want Karlyn Ramirez dead and why? Find out now!

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4. Pravin Varughese: Did Police Botch It?

Pravin Varughese/image for distribution [Justice for Pravin website]

Pravin Varughese/image for distribution [Justice for Pravin website]

It’s taken them more than three years, but the family of 19-year-old college student Pravin Varughese was determined to get answers how their son died and what the police might have done differently in the case. Discover the details here!

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5. Holly Moore: Suicide Or Murder?

Holly Moore [courtesy Moore family]

Holly Moore [courtesy Moore family]

The death of 19-year-old Holly Moore was shocking, but her Colorado family could not accept that it was ruled a suicide. So they hired their own investigators and doctors to determine if she was murdered. What do you think?

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Main photo: Holly Moore [courtesy Moore family]



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