“Jacksonville Jane Doe”: Can You Help ID This Mystery Murder Victim?

Jacksonville Jane Doe, forensic facial reconstructions [Wikipedia]

JACKSONVILLE, NC — On December 6, 1995, the skeletal remains of an unknown female turned up in a field next to Marine Boulevard on US Highway 17 in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Surrounded by other possible clues, the mystery figure has come to be known as “Jacksonville Jane Doe.” Read on to see if perhaps you can help crack the case.

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Jacksonville Jane Doe, forensic facial reconstruction [Wikipedia]

Despite a lack of any obvious signs of foul play, authorities believe Jacksonville Jane Doe was murdered. The actual cause of her death, however, remains elusive.

Forensic scientists deduced that her remains had been laying in the field for about two years prior to discovery. Since then, artists have created facial-reconstruction images that may provide clues to Jane Doe’s appearance in life, and analysts have come up with an array of possible physical characteristics. Among them:

Jacksonsville Jane Doe was a white female who stood between 5’5 and 5’8”.

Her age range is guessed to have between 32 and 38.

Jane Doe’s hair was red or auburn and may have been curly

She had undergone extensive dental work, including a root canal, but one tooth was missing a crown. In addition, some of her teeth prominently stuck forward.

Her fifth rib appeared to be split

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Jacksonville Jane Doe, 3-D forensic facial reconstruction [Wikipedia]

In addition, police found a number of items that may have belonged to Jacksonville Jane Doe, including:

A yellow short-sleeved shirt with shoulder pads

A red short-sleeved shirt with shoulder pads emblazoned with the words, “No Speed Limit OSC”

Black Lee jeans

Black bra and panties

One left-footed white Nike shoe

Broken eyeglasses

Gold hoop earrings

Two New York City subway tokens

Two hotel keys with a partially fire-scorched tag

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Given the nature of how and where her body was found, investigators looked into the possibility that Jacksonville Jane Doe had been a sex worker. Alas, nobody knew her, nor had any local sex workers gone missing at the time.

Jacksonville Jane Doe, forensic facial sketch [Wikipedia]

From there, the trail went cold until 2012, when DNA connected incarcerated serial killer and sadistic rapist Matthew Lorne Alder to a number of unsolved murders from two decades earlier. In 2013, Alder pleaded guilty to killing a victim named Wanda Musk and thereby closing that 1993 case.

Alas, Alder has not been similarly forthcoming about Jacksonville Jane Doe, nor has the DNA link proven strong enough to charge him. So the search continues.

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If you have any information regarding the identity of Jacksonville Jane Doe, please contact the Jacksonville Department of Public Safety at (910) 455-1472.

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Main images: Jacksonville Jane Doe, forensic facial reconstructions [Wikipedia]



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