Sick Grinches: 5 Heartless Holiday Gift Heists

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This year, CrimeFeed is bringing you 12 Days of Christmas Crimes to acknowledge the holidays in our unique way. Here’s the ninth!

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It takes a special kind of Scrooge to sour someone else’s holiday season by pilfering their presents. In the following five cases, that Noel nastiness takes on proportions of Krampus-level malevolence. Read on.

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1. Terrible Texans Take Teddy Bears From Children’s Shelter

SAN ANTONIO, TX — Just days before Christmas, thieves pried open a storage unit at the San Antonio Battered Women & Children’s Shelter and helped themselves to the contents therein — toys, games, stuffed animals, and other kid-related items earmarked for the facility’s residents who so desperately need them.

Linda Canizales, one of the shelter’s directors, explains just how important those items are, and not just during the holidays. She said:

“When [new residents] come here, the first thing that we do with children is give them a stuffed animal or a toy to make their stay a little warm and inviting.”

Canizales called out to the community for help and the community responded. Still, she sent a pointed — and poignant — message to the perpetrators: “It’s not just taking toys away. It’s taking away people’s dignity.” [WOAI]

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Lonely child in train station [Pixabay]

2. UK Train Station Psychos Swipe Delivery Going to Sick Kids

LEICESTERSHIRE, ENGLAND — On October 25, 2017, a shipment of 370 wrapped-and-ready presents intended for ill and injured children disappeared from the Grand Central Railway’s Quorn Station.

The thief or thieves struck a train car containing the gifts, which were headed to Leicester Royal Infirmary and Rainbows Children’s Hospice in Loughborough. Local police have searched for suspects, but so far remain stumped.

Various charities and giving individuals have since replaced the missing goods. [BBC]

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3. Gift-Snatching Creep Cancels Christmas for Murder Victim’s Kids

MONTGOMERY, AL — In September 2015, DeQuincey Provo fell victim to a bullet in a mystery killing that has still never been solved.

Come Christmas 2016, someone compounded the tragedy of the Provo children no longer having a father by seeing to it that Audrienna, 5; DeQuincey Jr., 2; and Veronica, 1; would have no presents under the tree either.

Briana Brown, the children’s mom, tearfully told a reporter:

“I started early trying to get them the best Christmas, the Christmas that had been basically stolen from them last year. I can never replace their father. We’re still hurting from that, but I wanted to give something back to my kids to show them how much I really love them and how much they mean to me … I will do the best I can to make them smile come December 25th, which is also my birthday. I’m not worried about myself as long as my kids can still have Christmas.”

Numerous donors offered assistance, and Brown maintained good spirits, but the cruelty of these anti-Santas remains shocking. [WALB]

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Diamond Keonsha Martin [Port St. Lucie Police Department]

4. Florida Woman Enlists 11-Year-Old to Steal Gifts From Under a Neighbor’s Tree

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL — Police arrested Diamond Keonsha Martin, 21, for breaking a neighbor’s window and entering the home, whereupon she grabbed gifts waiting under a Christmas tree and ran off.

Martin’s accomplice in the theft was reportedly her cousin — an 11-year-old girl. Martin allegedly boosted the child up through the broken window, then directed her to unlock the front door.

In addition to wrapped gift cards, candy, perfume, wine, and jewelry, Martin and the kid allegedly also hauled away a check book, toiletry items, medications, and even a gallon of milk. Witnesses spotted Martin and the 11-year-old carrying the goods down the block and informed the authorities. [CrimeFeed]

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5. Fake Detroit Cops Raid Home, Really Rob Christmas Presents

DETROIT, MI — At 8:30 A.M. on the Saturday before Christmas, four men identifying themselves as Detroit Police officers stormed the home of Tanya Davis. The invaders duct-taped a pillowcase over Davis’s head and told her to stay still or they would rape her.

From there, the bogus cops ransacked the premises, unwrapping gifts and emptying drawers and closets. By the time they departed, just one item remained behind: a box of children’s blocks. Afterward, Davis recalled:

“I heard the Christmas presents getting unwrapped and I kept begging them ‘Please whatever you want to do to me, just leave my kids their Christmas presents.'”

The anti-merry-making monsters didn’t listen. [Click On Detroit]

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