South Carolina Serial Killer Todd Kohlhepp Claims More Victims In Taunting Letter

Todd Kohlhepp [Wikimedia Commons]

A South Carolina man convicted of killing seven people has said that there are more victims out there who have not yet been discovered.

The Spartanburg Herald-Journal of Spartanburg, South Carolina, reports that, in an eight-page letter, Todd Kohlhepp wrote: “Yes there is more than seven.”

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According to the paper, Kohlhepp previously attempted to tell the FBI about the alleged victims, but he said “it was blown off.” He further explained, “It’s not an addition problem, it’s [a] multiplication problem. Leaves the state and leaves the country. Thank you private pilot’s license.”

But despite sharing that chilling taunt, he doesn’t seem willing to divulge any details, bluntly stating, “At this point, I really don’t see reason to give numbers or locations.”

Don Wood, chief division counsel with the FBI’s Columbia office, said the agency has a pending investigation, but declined to give specifics.

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Kohlhepp, 46, pleaded guilty in May to seven counts of murder for killings that took place over a period that spanned more than 10 years. During this time, he led a double life and worked as a successful real estate agent.

The killings were uncovered in 2016 after police rescued Kala Brown, who was chained at the neck in a storage container, and investigators found a body buried in a shallow grave. Brown told investigators she saw Kohlhepp shoot and kill her boyfriend Charlie Carver.

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Brown has said that Kohlhepp regaled her with details of his body count that placed his killings “nearing the triple digits.”

Experts say that it is definitely possible that Kohlhepp could have committed crimes that no one knows about. Kohlhepp was able to keep his killing spree secret for many years, is a known gun enthusiast, and had a reported “arsenal” of weapons confiscated by authorities from his Woodruff property. The killer has been sentenced to more than seven life sentences in prison.

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Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright says, “We don’t have anything active right this second, but we’ve always left it open-ended in case he wants to say there’s some stuff we need to check. If he’s got something to say, we’re more than willing to listen.”

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