Florida Uber Driver Busted for Stealing $250G Ferrari, Claimed Car Was His Friend’s

ALACHUA COUNTY, FL — Police arrested Hilburn Jay Brendon Hunkins, 26, of Kissimmee on December 28 after an officer noticed a black 2017 Ferrari California driving suspiciously alongside a “high end” red Corvette.

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The officer used his Drug Task Force vehicle’s license scanner to determine that the plates were stolen. He also noticed a dealership sticker still on display in the Ferrari’s window.

After forcing the Ferrari to pull over, Hunkins exited the vehicle and told the cops the car belonged to his friend — a friend whose phone number, address, and even name Hunkins apparently didn’t know.

While under arrest, Hunkins did admit to being an Uber driver — and that turned out to be true.

Following Hunkins being charged with grand theft and sent to Alachua County Jail, the Gainseville Police Department had some fun posting about the arrest on Facebook. Accompanying a photo of the pilfered Ferrari and the headline “PRO TIP,” the PD’s post reads:

“1. Don’t steal stuff. It’s just not nice.

2. Certainly don’t steal a $250,000 2017 Ferrari California.
2a. Especially when the window sticker is still on it.

3. If you ARE going to steal a $250,000 Ferrari…with the window sticker still on it…DON’T drive next to a Gainesville/Alachua County Drug Task Force vehicle with a License Plate Reader.

4. The “18MPG” is incorrect. We were only able to get 10 mpg out of it when we drove it to the station.

5. #4 is a joke. We had it safely towed for the rightful owner.”

It’s a valuable lesson — one potentially worth way more than even $250,000.

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Main image: Recovered 2017 Ferrari California [Gainseville Police Department]


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