Seances, Bedwetting & Circumcision: How Life’s Been Really Weird For Peter Sutcliffe, “The Yorkshire Ripper”

Peter Sutcliffe [West Yorkshire Police]

After serving time relatively uneventfully for over three decades, a lot has happened recently for Peter Sutcliffe, the British serial killer known and reviled the world over as the Yorkshire Ripper.”

From hearing “the voice of God” instructing him to kill again to complaining about authorities ignoring his birthday to issues with bedwetting, the notorious murderer has continually made strange headlines throughout the past couple years.

Authorities initially arrested Sutcliffe, who’s now 71, on January 2, 1981.

After being convicted for murdering and mutilating 13 sex workers (and attempting to kill at least seven other women), Sutcliffe was ruled mentally ill and spent more than three decades in the United Kingdom’s Mental Heath Tribunal.

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In late 2016, however, authorities ruled that Sutcliffe is actually sane, and relocated him from the Broadmoor psychiatric facility to the maximum security Franklin Prison in Berkshire. The Yorkshire Ripper reportedly wasn’t happy about the move.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, an unnamed source said: “[Sutcliffe] wants the cushy life like he had in Broadmoor, where he had some sort of twisted celebrity status. He hasn’t stopped complaining since he arrived. He uses just about every excuse going to get out of doing any work.”

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The move was just one of Sutcliffe’s recent lowlights. Others include:

God Told Me to Kill … Again
In April 2106, Sutcliffe reportedly told a friend that while he was looking at women in the Broadmoor visitors room, “the voice of God” entered his head and suggested that Sutcliffe should murder them. He didn’t.

Forgotten Birthday Boy Blues
On the occasion of his 70th birthday, Sutcliffe voiced upset about being “ignored” by the staff on his special occasion. Some reports indicate that, in the past, workers may have serenaded Sutcliffe with “Happy Birthday” or even presented him with gifts.

Beware the Yorkshire Piddler
The Daily Mail reported that Sutcliffe has chronically wet his bed since being moved to jail, and is now required to wear adult diapers. The undergarments became mandatory after Sutcliffe allegedly soaked his mattress seven nights in a row.

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Allah Forgives … Circumcision Doesn’t
Many prisoners find Jesus behind bars. Sutcliffe reportedly reached out to Mohammed. The Ripper is said to have expressed interest in converting to Islam, in the hope that other Muslim inmates would protect him, but he’s said to have backed out upon learning it would require him to be circumcised. Apparently, it’s sunk in to him that cutting people’s body parts is hurtful.

“Hello, Madame — Yorkshire Ripper Calling!”
Authorities approved Sutcliffe making phone calls to his niece. On one occasion, he apparently dialed a brothel repeatedly. He reportedly told a friend that a woman was “talking sexy” on the other line, and said,“This is our number, darling, and we accommodate anything you need.” When Sutcliffe asked for his niece by name, the brothel receptionist allegedly said, “She’s not one of our girls.” In response, Sutcliffe joked, “I should flipping well hope not!” Peter Sutcliffe, it should be noted, loved to torture and murder prostitutes.

Contacting the Dead — Specifically Those He Made Dead
Sutcliffe reportedly held a seance in his prison cell to contact the spirits his victims. Naturally, he claims they all forgave him. With other inmates in attendance, Sutcliffe is said to have gone into a “trance” and “summoned” the murdered souls one by one, asking them: “Do you accept that I was mentally ill when I murdered you?” Altering his voice each time as though he were “channeling” the women, Sutcliffe replied, “Yes, I do!”

In addition to all such oddness, Sutcliffe underwent eye surgery. He is said to have lost nearly all his sight, and the operation is intended to keep him from going completely blind.

Authorities also opened new inquiries into 13 more unsolved cases in the West Manchester and Yorkshire areas in which Peter Sutcliffe is now the prime suspect.

Family members of his victims have expressed hope that Sutcliffe will remain in hardcore lock-up, and not enjoy the luxuries and privileges he did at Broadmoor. Sorry, Ripper — that might mean no more birthday parties coming up, either.

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Heath Scare: Suffering From Chest Pains

In November of 2017, Sutcliffe was rushed to the prison infirmary with chest pains. He announced that the coming Christmas would be his last.

So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

A month after being on death’s door, Sutcliffe was back in prison and complaining loudly. Apparently, a mixup of his commissary kipper order got him 12 tins instead of 2, and drained his account. He was left ranting that he had no money left to buy Christmas card or make phone calls.

According to a source at Frankland jail, “The staff and inmates who’ve heard about it are calling him ‘The Yorkshire Kipper.’”

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