“Cannibal Cop” Gil Valle’s Splatterpunk Horror Fantasy Book Is Out — Read At Your Own Risk!

Main photo: Gathering of Evil cover [Comet Press]

Remember when, in his defense, Gil “Cannibal Cop” Valle claimed that all the incriminating-seeming writing found on his computer that detailed plans to stalk, kidnap, and torture women, leading up to their eventual murder and cannibalization, was just his own fantasy fiction?

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Well, if you want to read the type of explicit cannibal fantasy porn that got him arrested, then A Gathering of Evil is for you. It’s probably best suited for fans of the Saw and Hostel film franchises, or those who prefer the book of American Psycho to the movie. Or maybe you’re just curious about what makes the Cannibal Cop tick, or the cannibal fantasy genre in general. But A Gathering of Evil is definitely for mature (and slightly pervy) audiences only! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Gil Valle [Comet Press]Gil Valle [Comet Press]

Gil Valle [Comet Press]

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Back in June 2017, CrimeFeed talked to Valle about A Gathering of Evil after he first signed his publishing contract. He said:

“I did research some things to make certain aspects of the story sound more realistic. Most of it is just me though. I have this ability to visualize a scene and write about it including all of the nuanced, little details. It’s a very scary book. It’s considered an extreme horror book…. I even had a hard time reading it when I was editing it. It’s not a book that’s going to be for everyone, but anyone who is into horror and wants to have their boundaries challenged should definitely check it out.”

He emphasized that none of it is based on real people, and it’s all fiction, and that he’d been exonerated of all crimes. He did admit, however, that he had channeled his own sexual fantasies and turned them into a horror novel.

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The story concerns a group of wealthy sadists who share the fantasy of kidnapping and torturing women, and meet on the Dark Web to make it happen together. When one of them, a butcher and chef, suggests an unorthodox method to get rid of the body of one of their unfortunate victims, these sick torture junkies are eager to try a new taboo experience and cross a new line of depravity.

A brief excerpt:

“Now she was restrained with metal cuffs on what felt like a wooden table. Her arms and legs were spread wide, stretched out and immobile. The table was tilted at an angle and she was facing forward. Her wrists throbbed with pain and they had covered her with what felt like a bed sheet. The last thing she’d heard was several sets of footsteps walking away, and then a heavy door being pulled shut and locked. 
She was naked and in complete darkness and silence, alone with her thoughts. She was shivering with a level of fear that she never knew existed. 
… during the show.
Whatever ‘the show’ was, she knew that she was part of it. She had no idea when it was going to happen, or what they would do to her. She had spent her life in complete control of everything, and somehow it had all led to this point of complete helplessness. She couldn’t stop quivering. 
The situation overwhelmed her, and her tears turned to a high-pitched wail while in the midst of her pitch-black silence.”

In case we haven’t been clear enough so far, this book is definitely not for everyone. It is explicit, violent, and concerns the stalking, kidnapping, torturing, murdering, and eating of women. Valle isn’t holding anything back here; he’s writing what he likes to read, and for an audience who is into what he’s into. He’s flying his freak flag proudly.

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That said, he’s quite a good writer. His characters are crafted well enough that you care about them, especially the victims. Fan of extreme horror will find this an engaging and compelling read, especially considering the history of the author.

Raw Deal by Gilberto Valle, front cover image [Amazon]

Raw Deal by Gilberto Valle, front cover image [Amazon]

As Valle’s Comet Press editors explain it, “Since he got simpleminded FBI agents to believe that his fictional stories on the Internet were actually the workings of a massive cannibal conspiracy that spanned three continents, he felt that it made sense to try to make fictional writing into a new career.”

He may have found his calling. In fact, on January 3, Valle posted on his Facebook page that he’s started writing his next book, presumably a sequel to A Gathering of Evil.

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Valle has also written a memoir of his experience being arrested, imprisoned, and then exonerated based on his fantasies, called Raw Deal: The Untold Story of NYPD’s Cannibal Cop. 

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Main photo: Gathering of Evil cover [Comet Press]



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