“Why Didn’t Anyone Warn Us?” Anger As “Canterbury Cannibal” Arrives In Nebraska Neighborhood

Dale Bolinger [Kent Police]

BLAIR, NE — A sex offender who was nicknamed the “Canterbury Cannibal” after he was convicted of trying to eat a teenage girl in England has moved to a quiet street in Nebraska, according to media reports.

Dale Bolinger, 62, is behind bars in Washington County, according to Washington County Sheriff Mike Robinson. Robinson said that Bolinger has not been charged with any crime.

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Robinson reportedly received an email from the State Patrol that a registered sex offender was moving to the area, and then received another tip encouraging police to look into his past.

The officer said: “We did and that’s when we found out about his past – it was very concerning. We don’t know why we weren’t notified.” 

Bolinger, a former nurse, was convicted in 2014 in Canterbury, England, of a string of charges including attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming, and possession and distribution of indecent materials.

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Bolinger told the potential victim — whom he allegedly believed was 14-year-old girl — that he wanted to behead her and eat her after they had sex, according to British media reports. He reportedly bought an ax the day before meeting the girl at a train station, but the girl never showed up.

British police learned about Bolinger during the 2013 trial of former NYPD officer Gilberto Valle, who was convicted of plotting to kidnap, kill, and eat women. Valle’s conviction was later overturned. The judge said: “Gil Valle is innocent of any conspiracy. Gil is guilty of nothing more than having unconventional thoughts.”

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Bolinger, an American citizen, was sentenced to nine years in prison. He has always maintained that his cannibalism threats were also merely fantasies — but before his trial, Bolinger admitted to other charges, including administering a poison or noxious substance after he put a cloth soaked in dry cleaning fluid over a female friend’s mouth in July 2010. He also pleaded guilty to making indecent pseudo photographs of children, and seven counts of publishing an obscene article. When he was questioned about the images, Bolinger replied, “I do not find children sexually attractive, but I do find them interesting as a food source.”

He arrived in the quiet Nebraska neighborhood a few weeks ago, and registered on January 4 as a sex offender living on Todd Drive in Blair. According to police, some neighbors have expressed concern about potential danger to their children.

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“It’s making my heart race. It’s scary, considering I have a small daycare, and now I really have to watch and keep doors locked,” local woman Sylvia Kasper said.

As to why Bolinger is currently being kept in the Washington County Jail, Sheriff Robinson said, “He’s here, but I cannot tell you why,” Robinson said. “Legally, I cannot say anything.”

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