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Have you been watching Killing Fields: Murder Isle on Investigation Discovery?

This season goes to the windswept farmlands of Isle of Wight County, Virginia, an idyllic small town community located near the Chesapeake Bay. Sunny dispositions, however, are quickly left by the wayside as the Isle of Wight County Sheriff’s Office reopens the brutal 2004 homicide case of 28-year-old Carrie Singer, whose beaten, half-naked body was dumped in a local farm field to be picked apart by vultures. This tragic murder, which has haunted Lead Investigator Randy Patrick for over a decade, drives this season of Killing Fields.

Killing Fields: Behind the Badge on Discovery GO provides more in-depth information about the case with previously unseen interview footage with the detectives.

Episode 1: Carrie’s Case

screenshot from episode [Discovery]

screenshot from episode [Discovery]

Who is Carrie Singer and why would someone want her dead? The young mother had just moved back to Isle of Wight to start a new life, when it was cut tragically short. Watch Carrie’s Case now!

Episode 2: Isle of Wight County

screenshot from episode [Discovery]

screenshot from episode [Discovery]

Nestled among the greater cities of Tidewater, Isle of Wight County is a quiet community, miles away from the nearest city. Find out what makes Isle of Wight the perfect killing field. Watch Isle of Wight County now!

Episide 3: Cold Cases and Technology

screenshot from episode [Discovery]

screenshot from episode [Discovery]

Every year, new technology makes crimes more difficult to cover up. See how cutting edge technology is being used to solve a decade old cold case. Watch Cold Cases and Technology now!

Watch Killing Fields: Behind the Badge exclusively on Discovery GO now!

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