Family Sues Starbucks After Drinking Coffee Laced With Blood

The coffee cup that allegedly contained blood [KTLA (screenshot)]

SAN BERNADINO, CA — A California family has slapped Starbucks with a lawsuit after alleging that their two-year-old daughter drank a beverage that contained a barista’s blood.

Amanda Vice, her husband, Louis Vice, and his mother, Rhonda Agles, ordered several beverages from the coffee shop on W. 2nd Street in San Bernardino on February 6, 2016, KTLA reported.

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When they got home, they noticed a red smear on the inside of one of the cups, and noted that the drink had a “strong metallic smell,” according to the 19-page lawsuit provided to the TV station by the Frish Law Group.

A family member and the two-year-old were sharing a drink that had the same stains.

Once we drank it, then we could see on the inside of the rim that there was blood,” Amanda Vice said.

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The family said that when they called Starbucks to report the incident, a staff member told them that an employee had indeed been bleeding and had been removed from the floor.

The family claims that they told the manager that they wanted the employee to get a blood test to determine if he or she had HIV or any other communicable diseases. According to the claim, the manager offered them free beverages for a week — but told the family that the employee could not be “forced” to get a blood test.

The lawsuit claims that the family scheduled their own blood tests, and that the process and the wait caused “extreme distress.” Blood tests came back negative for any disease — but the family had to go back in six months to be retested.

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Starbucks offered $1,000 to each family member after the incident, but their attorney said the family refused the offer.

The lawsuit against Starbucks Coffee Company seeks damages because of a failure to warn the family, negligence, breach of express warranty, breach of implied warranty, fraud, intentional infliction of emotional distress, battery, assault, negligent hiring, and negligent training and supervision.

A Starbucks representative told KTLA that they are aware of the claim and are prepared to present their case in court.

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Main photo: The coffee cup that allegedly contained blood [KTLA (screenshot)]



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