Former Wall Street Broker Allegedly Put Webcams In Ex’s Apartment; Attacked Rival With Hammer

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NEW YORK, NY — A former Goldman Sachs financial advisor has been hit with a string of charges after he allegedly stalked his ex-girlfriend, installed webcams in her home, and attacked a love rival with a hammer and pepper spray.

Alexander Pugmire, 33, ​allegedly began stalking Thien-Kim Tran after she ended their three-year relationship in December 2016, the New York Post reports.

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Pugmire has been charged with stalking, burglary, and attempted assault, according to court documents. Court papers state that Pugmire began showing up at her home uninvited and calling constantly — and, according to Tran, her ex’s erratic behavior continued to escalate. In the documents, Tran stated that she “discovered webcams hidden in the apartment, which the defendant had placed there to monitor whether she began to see other men after their breakup.”

Tran believed that Pugmire was able to gain access to her social-media accounts — and then he allegedly also began to stalk Benjamin Timsit, another man who she had begun talking to online​.

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In Jan​uary 2017, Pugmore attacked Timsit with a hammer and pepper spray, according to the complaint. Later, bizarrely, he allegedly appeared at Timsit’s apartment wearing a ski mask and fake mustache and tried to gain entry.

Pugmire was let go from Goldman Sachs “about a year ago,” a spokesman with the firm told The Post. He’d been there less than two years.

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He is currently out on $50,000 bail.

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