After 20 Years, Gloria Williams Pleads Guilty To Kidnapping Baby Kamiyah

Alexis Manigo, born Kamiyah Mobley; and Gloria Williams [State Attorney's Office]

JACKSONVILLE, FL — Gloria Williams, 52, pleaded guilty on Monday to kidnapping a newborn baby from a Jacksonville, Florida, hospital in 1998.

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Williams, 52, faces a sentence of up to 20 years behind bars for abducting Kamiyah Mobley, whom she has raised to adulthood as her own child, Reuters reports. Mobley was only a few hours old when Williams, dressed as a nurse in a flowered smock and green hospital pants, abducted her from her mother’s hospital room.

Baby Kamiyah [State Attorney's Office]

Baby Kamiyah [State Attorney’s Office]

She was arrested in January 2017 after Mobley, then 18, was found, unharmed, in Walterboro, South Carolina. Mobley’s DNA was tested and matched to her birth parents. Over the years, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children had received thousands of tips related to Mobley.

Gloria Williams [Jacksonville Sheriff's Office/Handout]

Gloria Williams [Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office/Handout]

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Williams entered a negotiated plea of guilty to kidnapping and interference with custody in a Jacksonville courtroom. She agreed to serve 22 years on the kidnapping count and five years on a charge of interference of child custody as part of her plea agreement, according to a Florida 4th Circuit Court proceeding viewed live online.

In exchange for pleading guilty, Williams is asking for a sentence of between zero and 22 years on the kidnapping charge and zero to five years or less on the interference charge, to be served concurrently. She is currently behind bars in the Duval County jail, and is due to be sentenced in May.

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Mobley reportedly continues to use the name Alexis Manigo, which Williams gave her. Manigo has stated that she hopes that Williams is sentenced to less than 10 years in prison.

She has known that her mother kidnapped her from a hospital for a few years. Williams revealed her secret to her when she had to explain her lack of Social Security card and why she couldn’t get an ID card. The two still have a deep bond and maintain a good relationship, writing and calling from the jail.

Manigo has been working on getting to know her birth parents and developing a relationship with them.

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Main photo: Alexis Manigo, born Kamiyah Mobley; and Gloria Williams [State Attorney’s Office]



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