“Yoga Twin” Alexandria Duval Acquitted Of Sister’s Cliff Murder

Alexandria Duval [New York State Police]

HONOLULU, HI — A yoga instructor who was accused of deliberately driving off a Hawaii cliff and killing her identical twin sister was acquitted of murder on Thursday.

A judge found Alexandria Duval not guilty of murdering her sister, Anastasia Duval.

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According to police, witnesses saw the sisters arguing in their SUV — and getting into a screaming, hair-pulling fight over the steering wheel — on the island of Maui in 2016. Anastasia was in the passenger seat when the SUV plunged 200 feet over a cliff, and Alexandria was arrested.

But Alexandria’s defense attorney, Birney Bervar, said that the incident was merely a tragic accident. Alexandria was in critical condition following the accident, but survived.

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In a bizarre twist, Federico Bagley, who was dating Anastasia, stated in court that Alexandria began dressing up as her twin and impersonating her shortly after her death. “She began cuddling up on me. It seemed like she was flirting with me,” he claimed.

Maui County Prosecuting Attorney J.D. Kim said after the verdict that he was disappointed: “The facts clearly show it was at least reckless behavior.”

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The sisters were born Alison and Ann Dadow near Utica, New York. They operated popular yoga studios in Florida before courting scandal by closing without paying their employees. They then changed their names and moved to Hawaii in 2015.

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