New Mini Episodes To Binge! “My Strange Criminal Addiction: Quick Fix”

Main photo: scene from Master Rick [Investigation Discovery]

We’re so grateful for the new, bite-size ID GO original shows. They’re perfect to watch while at a bus stop, waiting for your carry-out order, putting off working, or any other time you really can’t — or shouldn’t — get involved in a full-length episode.

1. The Adult Baby Diaper Lover

screenshot from episode [Investigation Discovery]

screenshot from episode [Investigation Discovery]

Alex’s addiction to wearing diapers — mostly soiled baby diapers — leads to his arrest when he’s caught stealing dirty diapers from trash cans! Check it out here.

2. Master Rick

screenshot from episode [Investigation Discovery]

screenshot from episode [Investigation Discovery]

“Master Rick” enjoys training his sex slaves in the dungeon he built in his home. But the law intervenes when he takes it too far by performing castrations on his submissives. Want to see?

3. The Subway Sex Addict

screenshot from episode [Investigation Discovery]

screenshot from episode [Investigation Discovery]

It’s weird enough that Billy is addicted to grinding up against women in the subways of New York City, but what makes it even more bizarre is that his identical twin brother has the exact same fetish! Watch the episode here.

4. The Virtual Role-Player

screenshot from episode [Investigation Discovery]

screenshot from episode [Investigation Discovery]

Kimberly, a mother of two, plays a virtual-reality game in which her character is a sultry exotic dancer named “Sugar.” The line between her real life and her virtual life blurs, and she attempts to kidnap her cyber boyfriend. See what happens here.

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Main photo: scene from “Master Rick” [Investigation Discovery]

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