Has Marcia Clark Discovered New Evidence That Incriminates Casey Anthony?

Marcia Clark [Wikimedia Commons]

Marcia Clark is claiming that she has found “pretty big” evidence that she says indicates Casey Anthony is guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter, Caylee.

The Wrap reports that Clark, who made headlines prosecuting O.J. Simpson, told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour that she reexamined evidence laid out in a book written by Anthony’s lawyer Jose Baez — and found a significant error.

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Casey Anthony [Pinellas County Jail]

Casey Anthony [Pinellas County Jail]

In the book, Baez wrote that one of the computers in Anthony’s home was used to search for “foolproof suffocation” at 1:51 P.M., not long before Caylee was killed. Baez wrote that Anthony’s father, George, might have done the search because he was “feeling suicidal.”

But Clark said that she found that the program that the defense attorney’s expert used had an incorrect time stamp. According to Clark, this meant that the computer search was done at 2:51, not 1:51, by which time George Anthony was allegedly at work, based on pings from his cell phone.

But Casey Anthony, according to Clark, was home at at time. And she was the only person at home, aside from Caylee.

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Clark’s research team was also able to discover that the browser’s search history was deleted at the exact time that Casey was home after having been dropped off after her initial police questioning over Caylee’s disappearance.

“The only person who is even going to think to delete that history is the person who conducted the search,” Clark says. “That would have to be Casey Anthony.”

To learn more about this case, watch Investigation Discovery’s Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery on ID GO now!

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    This is HUGE and unfortunately, too late. Even if the prosecution had the info, they probably wouldn’t have bothered to use it the same way they didn’t bother to call the social worker Cindy went to for info on obtaining custody of Caylee from Casey. They let her sit on that stand and call her murdering daughter “Mother of the Year” and never mentioned the social worker she visited. Of course they also didn’t do a a damn thing while Cindy lied and contradicted herself repeatedly. The allowed her to do it and didn’t call her out on it. And how can we forget the fact the police never bothered to check the Murderer’s Mozilla Firefox browser?

    Everyone thought they had this case in the bag and got sloppy. And then 12 morons set this baby killer free. Free to kill again.

    They failed Caylee miserably.

  • Keri Wilhelm

    Who cares at this point? She was found innocent on behalf of an incompetent jury so it’s double jeopardy.

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