Don’t Try This At Home: Drunk Husband Kills Wife Using Mortar Bomb As Sex Toy

Mortar bomb [Wikimedia Commons]

AREQUIPA, PERU — Ruben Conejo has been arrested on suspicion of murder after killing his wife, Yubitza Llerena, by using a 16-inch mortar bomb on her in the manner of a sex toy. The couple had been drinking.

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Conejo told police that he and Llerena had gotten intoxicated during a night out and returned home feeling frisky.

Claiming he could barely remember what happened from there, Conejo said that Llerena asked him to use objects from around their home as sex toys.

One of those within reach, apparently, was a deactivated mortar bomb that the couple, for some reason, had as decor.

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The next morning, Conejo said, he awoke to find Llerena unresponsive and bloody, and called for emergency services.

Responding officers discovered the blood-splattered mortar bomb in a handbag along with other impromptu marital aids and pubic hairs.

Police chief Javier Arana described the bomb as being around 16-inches long and two inches wide. He said searchers also found painkillers which authorities believed “were used to control the pain.”

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While being investigated for murder, Conejo maintains his wife’s death was accidental. Washington Llerena, Yubitza’s father, isn’t buying it, telling the press:

“He should be jailed for what he did to my daughter. I will keep on fighting until the end.”

A mortar bomb is a short-range artillery weapon fired from guns high into the air at low speeds. Experts recommend that under no circumstances should anyone ever consider such a device for sexual purposes.

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