Florida Dad Who Owes Over $500K In Child Support Paddleboards Into Ocean, Goes Missing

Constantine Theoharis [Ft. Lauderdale Police]

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — According to police, a Florida dad who owes more than $549,000 in child support hopped on a paddleboard and vanished into the Atlantic Ocean — on the very day he was due in court.

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Authorities say that Constantine Theoharis, 52, had a hearing scheduled about his whopping unpaid bill on March 20. He didn’t show up there, nor did he make it to work.

Theorharis is a commercial real estate agent who has been battling his ex-wife for custody of their two teenage daughters since 2008. He is also a skilled paddleboarder and diver.

Police believe that a neighbor’s surveillance video depicts Theorharis on a blue paddleboard heading north into the ocean at 7:30 A.M. the day he went missing. Investigators found Theoharis’s wallet and passport in his home, but noted that his swim fins, mask, and weight belt are missing from his dive bag.

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Richard Theoharis, the missing man’s brother, suggested to reporters that Constantine may be alive somewhere, stating:

“He’s very capable on the paddleboard, so it seems fishy to me. He was under pressure. He owed [close to] $600,000, and he didn’t have it. He was afraid the judge would throw him in jail. If he’s scared, we hope he will contact us. Make a phone call. Just let somebody know you’re safe, so we can rest at night.”

If you have any information on Constantine Theoharis, Fort Lauderdale police ask you to contact Detective Juan Cabrera at (954) 828-5581.

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Main photo: Constantine Theoharis [Fort Lauderdale Police]



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