Snapchat-Famous Prostitute “Pretty Hoe” Busted For Sex Trafficking

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LOS ANGELES, CA — A notorious sex worker known on Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media as “Pretty Hoe” has been indicted for sex trafficking.

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Police arrested 22-year-old Melanie Denae Williams — “Pretty Hoe” herself — on charges of trafficking minors for sex and using force or fraud to coerce an adult into prostitution.

The bust arose over a Christmas Eve incident in which Williams allegedly ordered a prostitute online. When the woman arrived, an FBI affidavit states that Williams threw bleach on her and beat her with a broomstick.

Not for nothing, apparently, did Williams also promote herself as “The Most Hated Hoe in L.A.”

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Since then, the unnamed victim says that Williams forced her to sell her body for sex and took all the resulting money. When the woman protested, Williams allegedly threatened to kill her and her family.

Authorities say they saw a video of Williams allegedly pointing a pistol at the victim and asking if she was planning to leave. Multiple videos also exist online of Williams threatening others, often while brandishing a gun. Still another video turned up that reportedly depicts Williams furiously beating a man outside in broad daylight.

In addition, Williams faces specific charges of recruiting minors into sex work — a practice she apparently flaunted without fear of getting caught. One of Williams’ Snapchat posts, in fact, defiantly declared:

“I’m not scared of jail so stop telling me anything about the MF police.”

With her arraignment coming up this Friday, Williams could face a minimum of 10 years and potentially a life sentence behind bars. Either way seems like long time in jail to be “not scared.”

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